Korg Sample Tool : Kromatic is alive !

The only remaining tool in development for supporting Korg Krome samples comes back with a new version and a video tutorial ! Check below !

Some History...

If you come here for a long time, you probably understand why I've stopped Kromatool development. For other, I can make you a quick reminder ;)

Samples are possible for a long time on the korg krome...it was designed for "regional customization" : understanding that Korg Krome resellers in some country received a tool called : MakeOptPcm.exe.

With this tool, Korg authorized some people to generate famous META.IMG / SAMPLE.IMG files containing new samples for very specific instruments.

With only 16MB of memory, it was first just used by PERU, INDIA, VIETNAM Korg resellers to include some regional samples to the krome. It was great...but reserved to only few people, and for some (INDIA), the samples were even delivered on encrypted SD CARD !

That was a pity.

So I decided to make a reverse engineering on the META.IMG/ SAMPLE.IMG format and write first a tool in C langage to replace samples on existing META/SAMPLE pack then a java tool to generate it from scratch : kromatool was born.

Many improvments were added to reach a version that manage KSC/KMP/KSF korg format and transform an existing 32 MB pack to a 16 MB pack. But...when I was near to release it...

Someone decided to use my source code copying it (Java package was not encrypted/obfuscated)...and with this released a tool with just a GUI change : KS Tool was born but dead because the author first did not wanted to recognize it was my own code...So I reversed its java program and saw EXACTLY the same classes, the same structures even the same names of fields !!!

That was a pity (for a second time)

Kromatool has been discountinued for 2 reasons : The first one, I don't like people that does not respect other works, stealing them, and calling themselves "Genious", the second one, I don't like samples sellers....(and believe me, I received a lot of proposals from people that finally sell their samples pack on youtube ! Just boycott them, wait free stuff from kromeheaven ! I don't speak about people that makes samples and don't want to be reviewed here ;) ;) ;) they also exist ... but I never insist...if you want to be here, just follow my rules, not yours )

To go deeper...I finally decided to give a final information:  The author of KS Tool decided to recognize what he made, crediting the real author : me.

Back to life with kromatic

Kromatic is born and this tool is awesome, because it includes all what you want : make sample pack with wav files, define regions, and even set your emphasis filter options to make clean sounding...(main issue with old sample pack that were including bad coefficients)

The author Shinsuke Kobayashi has just released a new version can check our page here

A tutorial has been release to explain how to do :

Really Great !

I fully support the author to continue this legal tool !

Stay connected !

Cyph / Kromeheaven


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