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A new krome in 2017 !

Surprise !

Here is the last little surprise from Korg concerning the krome!

A new color : Platinum !

For having manipulated some pictures of it (see the site of Korg), yes, I can tell you that it is really superb.

Ok, but is there any new function in the beast?

Well, it would seem that NO. Unless ?

We are all waiting for a firmware update from KORG, but still nothing on the horizon, and faithful users are starting to wonder about the fact that Korg has abandoned this platform a bit . Kromeheaven is always there for fans, but an update would be welcome!

Make yourself heard, do not hesitate to sign the petition (see below)

Stay with us!


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Happy New Year 2017 !

I wish you an Happy New Year 2017 !

What are you expecting for this year ?

New Programs for your korg krome ? You will :)

New combis for your korg krome ? You will :)

New video ? tutorials ? You will :)

A New firmware with new features for your krome ?

Well, that's seems to be the main problem for our beloved has been a long time since we've received a firmware update for the krome.

The main function I wish : to be able to load samples without rebooting the keyboard, browsing SD card directories...

Yes that will make the KROME a wonderfull keyboard !!!

Some people on facebook VIP group ask for this firmware update, you can join and sign the petition here :

Sign Petition

Stay connected !


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And the winner is !!!

The last contest was one of our best...with very well programmed combinations for your korg krome.

After a long wait, the great winner is KromeAddict with the A-Ha - Take on me combi.

KromeAddict wins a Korg monotron with something mandatory : Make a video of your krome with the monotron on it :)

Next Contest soon !

Stay Connected !


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