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Star Wars Contest : And the winner is !!!

The winner of our last contest is PHC ! CONGRATULATIONS to HIM (and of course to all other kromeheaveners !)

Enjoy your Korg monotron soon in your letter box ! Please make a video using it with your korg krome and send it to us !

Entry 2 from PHC : Combi The Cantina (Star Wars)

You can download our complete "Best of Combi" PCG file from here


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Dear Kromeheaveners,

I just wanted to wish you an Happy New Year with your Korg Krome !

Kisses from Miss Bum Bum 2016 :)

Cyph !

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Star Wars Contest : Time to vote !!!

The contest is closed...Here are the 5 people that wanted to participate :

Entry 1 from KromeAddict : Combi Impossible Mission

Entry 2 from PHC : Combi The Cantina (Star Wars)

Entry 3 from Pourfendeur degnoux : Combi Terminator 2

Entry 4 from Pourfendeur degnoux : Combi Son of flynn

Entry 5 from Wolfo Jean : Demo (kingkorg) Star Wars: The force awakens trailer

Vote for your favorite one !!! The first will win a Monotron synth !!!

You can download the PCG file from Our site here

Enjoy !


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