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Korg Kross Meta V2 img decoded !

Dear fans,

what did you expect ? Not schweppes ! :)

Well, I gave a try at understanding the META.IMG V2 format and it is done !

SynalyzeIt did the job...not alone :) since I've now some good understanding on how Korg organizes the information in their file.

Again, it's only my reverse-engineering job AND nothing else.

Why do I note this ?

Well, let's clarify :

  • I am not a "pirate".
  • I do not want to sell krome (or now kross) samples.
  • I did the job myself and I did not used other's work :

Some people at the Krome spanish facebook group have just decompiled my java work (netbeans) to let people think to a new tool !

In fact, kromatool was decompiled, and used like a "library" (the functions I have writen are quite easy to understand) in a pseudo new tool.

A new graphical aspect/presentation is one thing...but the real understanding on how it works is another thing. This convinced me not to release my work on kromatool until this kind of foolish people leaves the place.

Fans, please stay connected.

Robbers & stealers, get the fuck out.

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Roger Bernards KASM Pack Sound Demo !

Author : Roger Bernards

KASM means "Krome Analogue Synth Madness", we have already reviewed this pack from Roger Bernards, but we did not give you samples.

Listen to this sound demo !

Enjoy and buy it !


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Official Facebook group ! Only !

I decided to make my own group for my communication about the Korg Krome : Korg Krome Samples VIP !

Respect people's work, you will gain respect.

Join Us

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