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Korg Krome Combi Contest : Entries !

Dear All,

The contest has started !

Hans Bes has placed its first combination...and a very cool one...Preview it below !

Send your combi quickly to convince kromeheaveners that you are the best Combi programmer !

This article will be updated next time you send your combi ! (mail for participation :

Last update - 18/01/2015 - I (Cyph speaking) decided to make one combi...a JMJ not done by Dan Stesco ;) ;) ;)

Combi 1 - Daft Punk - Get Lucky - made by Hans Bes

Combi 2 - Jean Michel Jarre - Calypso part 1 - made by Cyph


Go ! Go ! Go !

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Happy New Year 2015 : New Contest !

Dear Kromeheaveners,

First of all, we wish you an Happy New Year 2015 !

2015 will be a good year for the Krome owners...Why?

Well, we are more and more on the website but also on facebook and soon, we will be enough to share more sounds than for previous Keyboard from KORG ;) !

This growing community just needs one thing : share more and more and get benefits from each others !

Today, some people understand that, and regulary share their sounds with us, in order to publish them on, do not hesitate and be part of the kromeheaven sharers !

Send your sounds to will be packed to be published under your name here!


A new contest is starting !

For those who do not know it : this is a traditional contest in Kromeheaven, you just have to make a combi sound and enter the competition !

Here are the rules :

  1. Choose one of your favorite song/music to play on your krome. (Pop, Rock, Dance, Techno, HipHop, Electronics...)
  2. Make a combination to play it in live : chords, bass, solo, drums, arpeggiators, everything is authorized (Factory sound is better, but if you need a specific program, you can do it !)
  3. Make a preview (mp3, video) playing this song.
  4. Send us your sound in PCG format and your preview to
  5. Unlimited entries allowed : You can make several sounds and multiply the chance to win !
  6. Wait until the end of the contest : Dead Line 14/02/2015
  7. Download the new Best of Combi V3 on
  8. Vote
  9. Win ? :)

Do not hesitate : Enter the competition now !!!

If you want more detail, you can contact me on

Stay Connected


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Donate and Get back our next Pack : Speak N Spell !

Dear Kromeheaveners,

I'm making a very special samples pack for your krome :

Do you remember the Texas Instrument Speak and Spell ?

Well, it's vintage, it's cool and it's absolutly essential for your house, techno, dance songs !!!

The pack will be delivered with 5 programs in drum kit mode : more than 200 samples included under your fingers.

Our new donation system will show you the target before next sound pack release: I know that there is a lot of people reading us...and downloading all our pack for FREE...So it's time to support us : Check the progress bar at the right column of the site and click on donate icon !

The first target is not high : only 10 $ in total : You can give what you want in fact !

Best Regards !





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