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Dear All,

after a long wait (sorry, my main job is taking more and more time !) here are the results of the contest :

1. Greg

2. Cyph (but I let my place to the 3rd) Hans Bes

3. PHC

Great job all, the combi contest pack is growing with your contribution !

Now the prizes !

1. Greg Chance wins a korg monotron or any of the Dan Stesco pack (up to 88 USD!)

2. Hans Bes wins Dan stesco bi-killer pack

3. PHC wins Killer organ pack

Get in touch with me in order I send you your gift !

See you soon !

Many thanks to our number one sponsor: Visit his website Dan Stesco and buy fantastic products !

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Kross Cumbia peruana A and C samples pack !

Author : KORG PERU - Import Music Peru

They are back !!!

And this time it's for your Kross synth.

Enjoy !



Read more: Kross Cumbia peruana A and C samples pack !

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Korg Krome Combi Contest 2015 : Wonderfull prizes !

Dear Kromeheaveners,

The contest has started in January and the deadline has been pushed to allow more competitors to enter the contest !

This time, you will find no excuse not to participate !!!


Just Check the prizes to win :

1st Place : A Korg Synthesizer to win !!! The Korg Monotron !

2nd Place : The bi-killer-pack from Dan Stesco to win !

3rd Place : Krome Killer Organ pack from Dan Steco !


To enter the contest :

- make the best famous song combi to play it on the krome (using factory sounds or your own sounds)

- make a preview, recording a demonstration. (Eventually, I can do it for you)

- send it to

Do not hesitate anymore !

For the first prize, this time you will win this synth :

Updated on 26/02/2015 :  Claudio entered the contest with a song that we all know !

Updated on 6/03/2015 : Greg C. joined us !

Updated on 7/03/2015 : Second combi from Claudio !

Updated on 18/03/2015 : 2 combi from Enrique !

Update on 22/03/2015 : The contest is closed : it's time to make the compilation of all the entries, then you will be asked to vote !!!

Here are the entries :

Combi 1 - Daft Punk - Get Lucky - made by Hans Bes

Combi 2 - Jean Michel Jarre - Calypso part 1 - made by Cyph

Combi 3 - Rainbow - Street of dreams- made by Aleciano Junior

Combi 4 - Lillywood and the prick - Prayer in C- made by PHC

Combi 5 - Cutting Crew - I die in your arms - made by Geralbor

Combi 6 - Mike Oldfield - Foreign Affair - made by Claudio E.

Combi 7 - Foreigner - Feels like the first time - made Greg C.

Combi 8 - Jean Michel Jarre - Magnetic fields 2 - made by Claudio E.

Combi 9 - Alphaville - Lassie come home - made by Enrique BZ.

Combi 10 - Stevie Wonder - Superstition - made by Enrique BZ.

Your turn !

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