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Facebook Group for Korg Krome & Krome EX

Dear Kromeheaveners,

With the release of the Krome EX we have renamed our facebook group to : Korg Krome & Krome EX Share

You can join us here or typing this link :

Still missing some animator ! Join the team !

See you soon !


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Korg announces Krome EX...and...

Author : Cyph

After 4 years supporting the Korg Krome, we, at Kromeheaven, were expecting something new on the our synth...

and ta da ta daaaa....Here is an answer from korg, a new keyboard : The Krome EX !


Future basics

Well, as usual the "new" keyboard comes into 3 versions, 61, 76 and 88 keys, but what's new in this Krome EX ?

According to the first information read on the internet, you will find :

-A new Piano sound

-A new Upright piano sound

-New Electric piano

-Vintage sounds

-EDM Electronic Dance Music sounds (vocal samples)

PCM memory seems to be EXpanded (but we will discuss this below) but hardware does not seem to change in comparison with the old Krome.

To sum-up : 896 Programs and 512 Preload Combinations

The rest is well known : LCD touchscreen, arpeggiators, sequencer, etc...

Oh and yes : A beautifull aluminium case :)

A krome 2? no ! Banditos !!!!

This krome EX has nothing to do with a new synth...In fact, even if the 2 new piano sounds are very cool, the fact is that the Krome EX is just a "big" software and pcm upgrade.

We expected a free krome software update but we had a "new" Krome EX with apparently the same hardware (To be confirmed) !

When we speak about a pcm expansion I doubt that it's a real "memory" upgrade..I would say instead an internal pcm content replacement ;)

No information about optional PCM data for the moment, but we will add and share information as soon as we get them.

Nb : Krome EX will be able to load Krome file ;)


The good news : At kromeheaven, we will try to support this Krome EX : sharing patches, tips, samples (if confirmed), and more !!! So Stay connected...



You can check few demonstrations found on youtube to make yourself an idea :

Demonstration from England, Luke Edwards

Demonstration from France, Michel Deuchst

Edm Sound demonstration from Vietnam


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Vote for your favorite combi !

Our combi contest has ended, you can now download our Best of Combi Pack V7 HERE

it's time to vote but this time, rules have changed : You can vote only on a facebook poll !

How to do that ? Join us on facebook (this insures us that you will not vote many times for the same combi :) )

The winner will receive its Korg Monotron via postal mail.

Remember this about Korg Krome VIP Group

Join us answering properly 3 questions, knowing that :

1) You will join to share : photo, gigs, tips, sounds, advises...if you don't share, just join other facebook groups, we don't need you ;)

2) You have to speak english (even if we love spanish, russian, german, brazilian etc people, it's better to have a common language : USE google translate before !)

3) You are not authorized to promote your "expensive samples pack with 32000 sequences in bonus" except you ask me before, and share freely (part of ) the content on

Ready ? Go !

JOIN Facebook KORG KROME VIP Group Now!!!!!

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