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Vote for your favorite combi !

Our combi contest has ended, you can now download our Best of Combi Pack V7 HERE

it's time to vote but this time, rules have changed : You can vote only on a facebook poll !

How to do that ? Join us on facebook (this insures us that you will not vote many times for the same combi :) )

The winner will receive its Korg Monotron via postal mail.

Remember this about Korg Krome VIP Group

Join us answering properly 3 questions, knowing that :

1) You will join to share : photo, gigs, tips, sounds, advises...if you don't share, just join other facebook groups, we don't need you ;)

2) You have to speak english (even if we love spanish, russian, german, brazilian etc people, it's better to have a common language : USE google translate before !)

3) You are not authorized to promote your "expensive samples pack with 32000 sequences in bonus" except you ask me before, and share freely (part of ) the content on

Ready ? Go !

JOIN Facebook KORG KROME VIP Group Now!!!!!

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Korg Krome Combi Contest Winter 2017-2018

Dear Krome Users,

Our combi contest is back ! It's time to show your skills in combi programing !


  1. Create your favorite song combi on your korg krome (Drum and bass arps are appreciated by players ;) )
  2. Save it in PCG format (do not forget to save associated programs, arpeggiators pattern, etc)
  3. Optional but appreciated also : Record a youtube video or just an mp3 playing your combi.
  4. Send everything (PCG+Demo) to me :

No mandatory theme !

No participation limit !

No dead line !

The contest will end as soon as we'll receive at least 10 combinations. Let's go and do not hesitate to show your skills in our VIP facebook group :

Join us answering the questions !

The winners ?


Start Now !

Update 26 / 12 /2017

Here will be listed all the entries, Keep on trying dudes ! Very good level :)

Update 31 / 12 /2017

Adding Er Wayne and Hans Bes participations !

Update 02 / 01 /2018

Adding Claudio R.M. participation !

Update 07/ 01 /2018

Adding Simon Baker participation !

Update 17/02/2018

Contest is now closed ! 10 entries ! Let me just the time to make the compilation and you will vote for the best combi !


Entry 1 - Despacito from KromeAddict

Entry 2 - When a man loves a woman from PHC

Entry 3 - Master Blaster from PHC

Entry 4 - Stranger Things from Fifi09

Entry 5 - Attention from Er Wayne

Entry 6 - The Wall from Hans Bes

Entry 7 - MaskOff - Claudio R. M. (Audio demo made by me ;) )

Entry 8 - Lola's Theme from Simon Baker

Entry 9 - Follow the sun from Hans Bes

Entry 10 - Mr Crowley from eduardolomb

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Yes, I forgot it again ! Can you help me again ? :)

Provider bill time !

Kromeheaven went down again, sorry !

Click the following link and give us a beer ! 5$, 10$ nevermind...what you want...just to share the cost !!!

List of donator(s) :

23/02 Update





4 fantastic dudes paid a new korg krome support on ! Thanks !


In order to motivate you, I've considerated to make a gift to all our 2018 donators !!!

Claim it on Korg Krome VIP group on facebook or by mail (

Click this logo to make your donation !!!

Securized transaction done with PAYPAL service ! Check !


Or follow this link :

Thank you !

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