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Korg Krome Combi Contest Winter 2017-2018

Dear Krome Users,

Our combi contest is back ! It's time to show your skills in combi programing !


  1. Create your favorite song combi on your korg krome (Drum and bass arps are appreciated by players ;) )
  2. Save it in PCG format (do not forget to save associated programs, arpeggiators pattern, etc)
  3. Optional but appreciated also : Record a youtube video or just an mp3 playing your combi.
  4. Send everything (PCG+Demo) to me :

No mandatory theme !

No participation limit !

No dead line !

The contest will end as soon as we'll receive at least 10 combinations. Let's go and do not hesitate to show your skills in our VIP facebook group :

Join us answering the questions !

The winners ?


Start Now !

Update 26 / 12 /2017

Here will be listed all the entries, Keep on trying dudes ! Very good level :)

Update 31 / 12 /2017

Adding Er Wayne and Hans Bes participations !

Update 02 / 01 /2018

Adding Claudio R.M. participation !

Update 07/ 01 /2018

Adding Simon Baker participation !

Update 17/02/2018

Contest is now closed ! 10 entries ! Let me just the time to make the compilation and you will vote for the best combi !


Entry 1 - Despacito from KromeAddict

Entry 2 - When a man loves a woman from PHC

Entry 3 - Master Blaster from PHC

Entry 4 - Stranger Things from Fifi09

Entry 5 - Attention from Er Wayne

Entry 6 - The Wall from Hans Bes

Entry 7 - MaskOff - Claudio R. M. (Audio demo made by me ;) )

Entry 8 - Lola's Theme from Simon Baker

Entry 9 - Follow the sun from Hans Bes

Entry 10 - Mr Crowley from eduardolomb

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Yes, I forgot it again ! Can you help me again ? :)

Provider bill time !

Kromeheaven went down again, sorry !

Click the following link and give us a beer ! 5$, 10$ nevermind...what you want...just to share the cost !!!

List of donator(s) :

23/02 Update





4 fantastic dudes paid a new korg krome support on ! Thanks !


In order to motivate you, I've considerated to make a gift to all our 2018 donators !!!

Claim it on Korg Krome VIP group on facebook or by mail (

Click this logo to make your donation !!!

Securized transaction done with PAYPAL service ! Check !


Or follow this link :

Thank you !

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Combi contest 2017 : The winner is ...

Dear All,

what a mess ! Only 200 votes, many done with TOR and VPN changing IP...hum...hum.

It was so difficult to check who has won (without false vote) that Dan Stesco and I decided to offer a pack to each people that participated to our contest.

Yes, you have well understood... SURPRISE !

Casoli, Joldi, Hans, M Beat, Greg : 5 people = 5 winners !

Ask your pack to

Last notice : According to me M Beat has made the a great work on "Smalltown boy" combi....just check it and play it ;) 80's addict !!! I want more like this !

Stay connected, our next contest is starting now !!!



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