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Sounds, sounds, sounds !


Hello everyone!

sorry for being silent for so long ... but ... as you know, this site is not my full time job!

Some news:

Korg's nice to everyone ... really ... and officially ...

They released a pack with Korg M1 sounds , and it's really a very good news for the Krome community !

I made some changes in the organization of the site: I separated simple sounds and complete packages (PCG) in the krome stuff downloads..I've added official Korg sound packs since they are free and very PRO.

What do you expect more?

Next version of Kromatool ?

Ok...let's share the state : it works but with a "clipping" sound issue (volume, level...pb) And it needs more work from me...the problem is that I do not have time...and no more donation or something to encourage me to continue this.... So...I need a reflexion about the future... In fact I think I need HOLIDAYS.

If you want to help me... :)

Else... Go to the sounds section to download new stuff for your krome : Nico, Jan and Roger...made good things for you !

Enjoy ! And Best Regards,


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Big site update ! Kromatool for all !

This week-end is like christmas ! Kromeheaven site has been updated with many things :

First, Kromatool 0.3.1 is now in beta test and in download for everybody since the next version with kmp / ksf support is coming soon.

Second, many new sound patches for your korg krome have been shared by Nico and Carlos (Best contributors !!! Gracias !) and uploaded to

You can download them from the sound section and upload them following this tutorial., your first free web resources for korg krome synth !

After few weeks of life, kromeheaven is growing : I know that we are read all over the world but I can't let some people saying lies about this site :

Kromeheaven is FREE and all the things you can download here are FREE.

Kromatool is a personal tool that took me long time, first to make the reverse engineering on krome sample files, second to build a java tool for everybody (and not only for MAC), so it is normal that I ask some participation from your side.

You can send me your patches or videos, write tutorial...etc. If you cannot do that, you can donate some money to help me to continue this development.

Nothing mandatory but that will help me !

Best regards,


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Kromatool 0.4.0 with KMP / KSF Feature !

I've worked on the kromatool next version and it is now compatible with KMP / KSF samples !

I've tried with some samples (sent by a kromeheavener from Peru : thanks a lot) and it seems to work well...

What's the main interest ?

In fact, you can now enjoy dedicated key assignments that are defined inside KMP/KSF format !

Here is little video, to show you the new feature !

Ok, be patient, prepare your sample (send me your best KMP/KSF to test !!!)

Stay connected !


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