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Kromatool 0.4.0 with KMP / KSF Feature !

I've worked on the kromatool next version and it is now compatible with KMP / KSF samples !

I've tried with some samples (sent by a kromeheavener from Peru : thanks a lot) and it seems to work well...

What's the main interest ?

In fact, you can now enjoy dedicated key assignments that are defined inside KMP/KSF format !

Here is little video, to show you the new feature !

Ok, be patient, prepare your sample (send me your best KMP/KSF to test !!!)

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Kromatool Next Step?

2 weeks after the VIP release of kromatool, it is time to come back !

Please stop sending me mails !!! In order to answer all the questions you have, use the official way : Write your comments on the kromatool page for exemple.

What can we do now ? I've shown you that samples are possible on the korg krome but you have to make an effort on converting them to the right format.

Hum, said? You do not manage to make sound your sample properly ? Share your experience with us !

As for me, i am using samples from KSF files...In fact, KMP/KSF format are not so far than META a SAMPLE format....For sure it would be interesting to make kromatool directly compatible with this format ... don't worry, i am studying it !!! Still beginning by Synalize it !

With a direct converter KMP/KSF to META/SAMPLE, you will be able to take the advantage of the KMP format...and the specific key assigments that you cannot do on kromatool for the moment.

What do you want else on kromatool? Please give your wanted plan the development of the best ideas !

Stay Connected !

If you want to support me, i need a Krome 88, so donate any amount !

(Way to the 88 keys : 5 % ;) )


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Some News !

Kromatool software has been sent by email to people that deserve it ! But now? What's the next step ?

First, I would like to thank all the people that sent me kind messages about my work on this subject.

Yes, we are at the beginning...and YES, it is your turn to work, search, find settings...etc.

Here a tutorial to help you, for the first step (you should have done by yourself...)


To conclude : Just remember one thing...samples were not Possible on the Krome : I made them possible.

Some people may wait for more, I understand...but there will be no more version without active participation on your side.

Ps : A sample is nothing without a good program :)




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