Our facebook group to evolve !

Dear all,

just a little information about our facebook group called Korg Krome VIP

Reaching more than 2000 members (thanks !!!!!), I decided to change some important aspects in the group :

Korg Krome VIP is now named Korg Krome Share

First, the old name were no more adapted to the situation : it was not a VIP group anymore : We have increased our community too much, trying many times to make you understand what is really important in such a group : Sharing. Some understood, some still not.

Share Everything you can : Photos, Videos, sounds, samples, tips, experiences, feeling about krome, but SHARE !

I've also explained the moderation team that I were expecting more than just accept/ban & moderate messages : that's a key point to continue in good condition. If you are interested in joining us, do not hesitate (send a mail to pure_lucif@hotmail.com)

Some important rules have been notified : Introduce yourself, Speak in english, respect us not posting spams and your sells or be banned ;)

That's it !

Enjoy your Krome



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Kromatool or Kromatic ?

Kromatool is the very first tool to manage samples for your Korg Krome.

Version 0.31 was released few years ago, Now, this tool is discontinued.

Install Kromatic instead !!!


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Kromeheaven is also available on your mobile device : smartphone or tablet !

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Share with us !

If you have created something interesting for Korg Krome : PCG files? Songs? Videos ? Tutorials ? Do not hesitate to share them with us !

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The files will be shared on kromeheaven and of course you will be credited.

This place is your !

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