Kromeheaven needs you to pay the bill !

Kromeheaven went down because I did not paid the bill in time...Provider were asking again 70 euros to keep our site online.

I paid but it becomes expansive for me, just for sharing with you !!!

Since the beginning of the adventure, some generous people have donated some money to the site...Some have left the boat, but I'm sure that some are still here.

So, remember that I'm still here because of YOU !

Click the following link and give us a beer ! 5$, 10$ nevermind...what you want...just to share the cost !!!

List of donator(s) :


Many thanks to our first donator :

Steffen Traeger 10$



3 more donators :From Italia and Germany, again !

Renato Tucci 10$

Filippo Mazzilli 5$

Patrick Kloos 5$


1 more donator From Italia ! (Third people from Italia in fact ! That's great !!!)
Marco Pellin 10$


1 more donator from U.S.A !

Smithy McClain Jr 5$


2 more donators from U.S.A and Germany !

Kyle Garvey 15 $

Chris Kampmann 10 $


1 last donator from Danemark

Claus Bach Sorensen 10$ !


1 more donator from Italia (once again ! Great dudes !!!)

Paolo Limoli 5$

It's fast, thank you so much people !!! Will other continue the job ?

We are ready for one year of full korg krome activity !

In order to motivate you, I've considerated to make a gift to all our 2017 donators !!!

Claim it on Korg Krome VIP group on facebook or by mail (


Click this logo to make your donation !!!

Securized transaction done with PAYPAL service ! Check !

Thank you !

Donate to Kromeheaven

Random Pack !

Latin Essentials Vol 2 for Krome EX (Cumbia, Sureno, etc)


Author : Cyph

Let's go Fiesta !

Enjoy our lastest pack dedicated to latin music : Latin Essentials Vol 2 ! Cumbia, Sureno, and all typical latin music are closed to your fingers !

You will find Piano, Brass, trombon, trumpet, sax, accordions, flutes, synth...all edited by real groups ;)

The good news is that there is no sample in this pack !

An exclusivity from Kromeheaven website, for Krome EX.

If you want to convert the pack for Legacy Korg Krome, you can use the tool I have developed

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