Krome Combi Contest 2017 Session !!!

Let's go for a new combi contest on your korg krome !

As usual, the rules are very simple :


1) Make a complete combination (program layers, drum track, bass, arp....) to play your favorite song

2) Make a demonstration Video or only sound

3) Send us : PCG and video or sound of your demonstration to

You will then enter the competition !


Our friend Dan Stesco decided to offer its latest production, the awesome "Cover Pack" to the winner !

(Note that if you are : a music store, a professionnal sound designer (as Dan), a "whatever" provider or even a generous fan, and if you want to support this kind of competition do not hesitate to enter in contact with me to offer your free prices to our competitors !)

This time : you will have the opportunity to promote yourself on Korg Krome VIP Group : join US, present yourself, and tell us why you deserve to win !

Enjoy ! Let's have some fun together !

Cyph /


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