Dan Stesco - Killed a second time : MS20 is back !

MS20 is Back !

Oh yes ! Dan is back...soon !

Kromeheaven is the "wikileaks" of the Krome community...all the interesting information are here :) !

So, today, we are proud to announce that Dan's next pack is coming : this is a leaked information : MS20 is back on your KROME !!!

I managed to get the beginning of the pack, and for sure, it will kill you a second time (Remember Dan's Killer Pack, still for sale on its site : PLEASE DO NOT COPY OR SHARE ON FACEBOOK...)

The MS20 analog patches are so good, that I can't wait for the official release, maybe for christmas !!! Just ask Santa Claus and cross your fingers !

For the moment, here is a very fast preview of some patches, made very quickly because, I am not a keyboard demonstrator !

Awesome, Dan ;)

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