Dan Stesco - Krome Killer Organ Pack Review !

Hello kromeheaveners,

Here is some news for your Krome.

Dan Stesco site has been updated : The Organ pack is now available for purchase !

As expected it is $ 29.

Here is my little review : After the receipt of the package archive , just pause and think a while : hum, two PCG files are present ... In fact, the two files contain exactly the same sounds but Dan had the good idea to put the two programs needed at two different locations in the F user bank ! First remark : Cool , there are only 2 programs! You choose the best location : 0&1 or 126&127 slots.


As usual with the Krome : Put your PCG file on an SD card and let's go on your synth ! Load the patches in the Krome : Bank of combinations (D), and thus 2 programs required for operation (F).


Individual use of programs has no interest. It's just a working basis , which we will be used to " create " combinations .

There are two programs : a normal drawbar and a percuttant sound.


The trick lies in the combination and the simultaneous use of two engine programs. Search on the net how to simulate an organ and see how you can play with harmonics & the frequencies to reach an organ sound : this pack simply bring you the implementation of the principle for your synth Krome !

1 combination can contain several times each two sounds transposed (pitch) which has the effect of producing a single organ sound ! Wahou ! Genius !

Obviously, the combinations are endless and you can create yours when you'll master the concept.

About the sounds that came with the engine , they are all very good , and sound like real organs. We appreciate all the more that Dan has optimized the use of organ sounds to allow adding an arrangement : Bass and drums that will follow you during the execution of your song ... It's simple: one pressure on drum track button launches the battery and pressing the " Arp " track button triggers the bass line . Each combination also offers the possibility of many settings : Rotary speaker , vibrato -Chorus Organ Type and Level , Overdrive On / Off...

Nothing prevents you also change the effects added to these combinations...also check the mixer set up.

Patchs list : (30 combinations)

PERC ORGAN              : Combi   D000                                  
BALAD ORGAN             : Combi   D001                                  
FULL DRAWBAR            : Combi   D002                                  
GOSPEL CLEAN            : Combi   D003                                  
DRIVE SCREAMING         : Combi   D004                                  
SWEET LORD              : Combi   D005                                  
HEAVY VIBRATO           : Combi   D006                                  
OLD TUBE ORGAN          : Combi   D007                                  
HUSH                    : Combi   D008                                  
PICTURE EXHIBITION      : Combi   D009                                  
ROCK GROWL              : Combi   D010                                  
TOTO ORGAN              : Combi   D011                                  
HEAVY DRIVE             : Combi   D012                                  
JAZZY                   : Combi   D013                                  
JAZZ GROOVE             : Combi   D014                                  
BLUES ORGAN             : Combi   D015                                  
DOORS ORGAN             : Combi   D016                                  
GIGA DRIVE              : Combi   D017                                 
REGULAR B3              : Combi   D018                                 
DARK COMP               : Combi   D019                                 
WHITE SHADE             : Combi   D020                                  
SOUL                    : Combi   D021                                  
PATHETIQUE ORGAN        : Combi   D022                                  
PSYCHEDELIQUE           : Combi   D023                                  
MOON                    : Combi   D024                                  
BALAD COMP              : Combi   D025                                 
BROTHERS <chorale>      : Combi   D026                                  
LIGHTS                  : Combi   D027                                  
BASIC ORGAN             : Combi   D028                                  
ERUPTION <TARKUS>       : Combi   D029

Official demonstration


Once again 5 stars !

Nothing to say, this second pack from Dan is a "must have" to buy for all people that like good sounds or if you want to quickly create an organ sound by deriving the concept introduced ...

And what about sending us your organ creations made ​​with this pack ? It's your turn !

Note that dan offers a 10% discount if you buy its 2 packs :)  http://www.danstesco.ro

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