Bruno Mars Tribute Sound Pack from Narfsounds

Author : Cyph


It's time to test a new sound pack for your Korg Krome !

Narfsounds have just sent me The Bruno Mars Tribute Sound Pack to test it.

Narf is well known from the Korg Kronos community (you can check some kronos sound packs from the website starting at 1$!) but this is his first sound pack for the korg krome.

Based in Melbourne, he started to program his own sounds in 2003 on a Korg Triton. So, will he convince you with this Bruno Mars Tribute set ?


Let's begin with a quick demonstration from Narf himself

Let's test by ourselves

After installing the 3 files of the pack on my SD card, I could start my krome and test the F program bank.

First, why 3 files? well, the surprise is that Narf included some samples explaining the presence of META.IMG and SAMPLE.IMG files.

The sounds are rather well made, in any case, we find the synths used in the famous songs from Bruno Mars.

The samples are correct even if some suffer from a little "noise" in the background. Nothing nasty, however : you will get all the "Ho and Yeah" you need !

You will find theses 15 programs in the pack:

24k Pitch Rise Pad       Program      F000
Day & Nite Filter Synth  Program      F001
Session Sample Map       Program      F002
Locked Out Heaven        Program      F003
Treasure Lead            Program      F004
Peeew!                   Program      F005
Doh!                     Program      F006
Uptown 80's Synth        Program      F007
Rise Synth               Program      F008
Versace DX               Program      F009
Versace Pop Synth        Program      F010
Versace Pulsar           Program      F011
Versace Bell             Program      F012
Hybrid Electric Grand    Program      F013
Whistler's Pad           Program      F014

After playing with all the programs, let's go to : combinations, clearly the most important part of the package and... It rocks !

From 24kMagic to Uptown Funk, everything is ready to play. With this pack, you will enjoy 6 complete songs from Bruno.

Here are the available combi :

24K Magic                Combi        D000
Locked Out Of Heaven     Combi        D001
Treasure                 Combi        D002
Uptown Funk              Combi        D003
Versace On The Floor     Combi        D004
Versace On The Floor 2   Combi        D005
Versace Solo             Combi        D006
Versace On The Floor 3   Combi        D007
Versace 4 Press ARP      Combi        D008
Just The Way You Are     Combi        D009
Just The Way You Are 2   Combi        D010

Well done, Narf ;)

Narf even though about one important point : if you do not have a 88 keyboard, think to push left 1 & 2 buttons to select the proper region on your keyboard : people often forget this, making sounds for their 88 keyboards but unplayable directly on 61 keys ;)


In conclusion, YES, this pack deserves the price ! Espacially now : do not let pass this discount : only $14.5 until the end of January 2018 !

Less than 3$ the Bruno Mars combination ! Let's visit the product page : Bruno Mars Tribute Set for Krome !

4 stars for a pretty good pack and to encourage Narf to continue making new sounds for our preferred synth the krome. Still here reading me ? go and get your copy now !



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