Turkish Samples Pack

Author : Cyph - Hakan - Ozgur

Hello, here is a new samples pack for your krome !

This time, I've made a compilation with 16MB of samples provided by Hakan & Ozgur !

The samples are all from Turkish traditional instruments, and their quality depends on the initial recording.

I've Tried to "erase" the main defaults with "programs", so you will also find a PCG file in the package.

 Kromatool 0.6.0 was used for this work (KSC/KMP conversion to Meta.img Sample.img)


List of the Multisamples

000 : Balaban

001 : Middle East Percussions

002 : Baglama

003 : Cumbus

004 : Cura Saz

005 : Darbouka Master

006 : Demyay

007 : Electric Baglama

008 : Arabic Strings

009 : Kanun Pro

010 : Kaval

011 : Lazca

012 : Mey Solo

013 : Mey Loop

014 : Ney

015 : Arabic Violin solo

016 : Tambur

017 : Turkish percussion set

018 : Baba Ud

019 : Ud

020 : Keman

021 : Yaylilar

022 : Zurna

023 : Zurnakoy


Conclusion :

"The first 16MB pack made with KMP files provided by Kromeheaven users ! A good pack of samples for your krome, that will allow many people to discover new world instruments...

My favorite samples : Electric Baglama, Darbouka Master, Mey Solo : The first one is really good, clean and playable...The second one offers percussion sounds with "rolls of darbouka" to make the better rythms ! The third one is a hearty sound (bug on the last left notes)"


Download Link Below !!!

Download Turkish Samples Pack


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Random Pack !

Luiz Oliveira's Prog Sounds Pack !


Author : Luiz O. Master Key

"Hello Cyph,
We are pleased to inform you that my first package combinations this finished. As I promised, I organized my combinations and I'm sending you to be distributed freely. 
The name of this small collection is Prog Sounds, because I had these ideas really listening Jordan Rudess and Rick Wakeman. 
I'll work on more sounds and soon you'll send more!"

Thank you Luiz,

your sounds are really well programmed, you can be proud of what you have done!!!

As you really deserve it, I've made a 3D box for your pack and made a cool presentation to share your sound with all the krome users !

We expect that you will continue like that because you really made a good job...Maybe interested in our next contest ??? :)

Enjoy !


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