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New Krome samples from Vietnam !

Great news, Nahc Viet is back with a new sample pack. Here is a very quick overview of the pack...

The new pack contains :

15 multisamples, and some 73 new waveforms! (You can preview the samples with kromatool and extract what you want)

This time, the pack includes a PCG file, so you do not have to define your own program : that's great !

Bank F programs:


001 TRANH 2

002 TRANH 3


004 SAO TRUC 2

005 DIZI


007 CO

008 ERHU


010 KIM

011 TRANH 3

012 BAU

013 BAU 2

Here is a demonstration :

Note & conclusion

Once again, Congratulations Vietnamese for your "free" library. It's a real good work ! Your samples are still so interesting to work on (near to be the same than the previous pack)

But this time, we have a PCG file with programs, directly playables. You will enjoy playing these "asian" strings (Tranh) with the programmed controls : Velocity or SW1 button are used for swapping samples for example...for a more natural way of playing. Flute  (Sao) are really wonderfull, just try them, you will hear !

I am very fond of this kind of "world sound library" and the fact that it is free convinces everybody...

This time, it deserves 5 stars ! We want more from you !!!

Source :

Download Samples pack from Vietnam





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Random Pack !

Author : Stdol

Hello krome users !

Here is a pack of greek sounds originally designed by Stdol for M50 keyboard.

The sounds have been extracted from the PCG file, copied to the F bank for Krome and then exported !

You just have to load the whole program bank (Only F is present) and enjoy...

I've made a video in order to preview the sounds. (Warning : I am a bad's just to show you...)

Enjoy !!!

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