Librerías de Auténtico Tango Argentino : Samples Pack !

Tango Samples Pack

Author : Angel Diego Merlo / Import Music Argentina



The long awaited sample pack from Angel Diego Merlo is here, for your krome : A "Real samples" pack for playing Tango Argentino !

If you do not heard about this library here is a quick introduction :

The pack is available for Krome, Kronos and also for PA Arrangers.

For more details, you can check the page on the following link :

Check the Import Music Argentina website !


Original demonstration

Demo of the sounds + Style for PA Arranger :


1. Copy SAMPLE.IMG and META.IMG files to the root of you SD Card

2. Copy TANGO_1.PCG file to any place on SD Card

3. Turn off your KROME, insert SD Card and turn KROME on again. (For the first time loading samples you may need to keep Page+0 button during the krome boot)

4. Wait until the OPTION PCM bank is updated

5. Load TANGO_1.PCG file from SD Card

6. Enjoy =)

Patch List

000 Slow bandonion
001 Bandonion sw 1/2 fast/Slow
002 Bandonion sw 1/2 Sync/Slow
003 Bandonion sw Fast/sync
004 Bandonion chords sw
005 Tango DBass 1
006 Tango DBass 2
007 Tango Noise Pelusa.


The samples From Angel Diego are awesome !

Playing the bandoneon with these samples is enjoyable.

They are so true that the first time we tested a program, the proposed realism is surprising, click, clack, sync...we play an instrument !

Free, this pack is simply a "must have" for your Krome. I guess you Kromeheaveners, will love ... and you will probably improve it by offering combinations to compete with the styles offered on PA arrangers ! Go! Share your combinations with us !

Thank you Angel Diego !

Click on the button just behind to open the article and download the pack for krome !

Download Librerías de Auténtico Tango Argentino sample pack


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