Krome Cumbia peruana A and C samples pack !

Author : KORG PERU - Import Music Peru

Here is the great double pack from Korg Peru !

After 5000 views on youtube, the authors sent us the pack and guess what ?

It IS Really cool !

Enjoy !

Patches list

|Patch Name              |Patch Type  |Patch ID   |Category        |Sub Category   
|Fantasia                |Program     |F000       |FastSynth       |Long Release   
|Electrick Brass         |Program     |F001       |LeadSynth       |Soft           
|Poly 800 P18            |Program     |F002       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Poly 800 square         |Program     |F003       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Fresh Air               |Program     |F004       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet         
|ORGABELLS               |Program     |F005       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Loving Bells            |Program     |F006       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Sad Bell                |Program     |F007       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|SQUARE 2000             |Program     |F008       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed           
|Future Pan Flute        |Program     |F009       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind       
|PAN FLUTE               |Program     |F010       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind       
|Saw Nortenio            |Program     |F011       |FastSynth       |Long Release   
|Synth Brass Sad         |Program     |F012       |FastSynth       |Short Release 
|Amsterdam Momma         |Program     |F013       |FastSynth       |Long Release   
|Detuned Lead            |Program     |F014       |FastSynth       |Long Release   
|Los Puntos Lead         |Program     |F015       |FastSynth       |Short Release  
|Calliope                |Program     |F016       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind       
|Brass 80s               |Program     |F017       |FastSynth       |Short Release  
|ZAMPONIA                |Program     |F018       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind       
|Quena Sasory            |Program     |F019       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind       
|ACORDEON GABANELLI      |Program     |F020       |User 16         |User 0         
|FALL TROMPETA           |Program     |F021       |User 16         |User 1         
|ACORDEON NORTENIO       |Program     |F022       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed           
|Detune Trump            |Program     |F023       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Kaleb Glide Lead        |Program     |F024       |LeadSynth       |Hard           
|Trombone fff            |Program     |F025       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Pad Bell 1              |Program     |F026       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|BONE FALL               |Program     |F027       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|TenorSax Growl-Y        |Program     |F028       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind       
|GUITARRA-MARISOL        |Program     |F029       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar       
|M1 Solo Sax             |Program     |F030       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed           
|Romance Piano           |Program     |F031       |Keyboard        |A.Piano        
|HarpsyKorg 8'+4'        |Program     |F032       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi    
|Musette                 |Program     |F033       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed           
|Super Grand             |Program     |F034       |Keyboard        |A.Piano        
|Choir of Light          |Program     |F035       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal          
|Fat Brass               |Program     |F036       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|SFZ Brass ST            |Program     |F037       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Attack Brass ST         |Program     |F038       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Digital Arpa            |Program     |F039       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar       
|Heaven Bells            |Program     |F040       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Spitz Bottle            |Program     |F041       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind       
|Acoustic Guitar         |Program     |F042       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar       
|Super Saw Brass         |Program     |F043       |FastSynth       |Short Release  
|Future Syn Pad          |Program     |F044       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet         
|Pop Synth Pad           |Program     |F045       |FastSynth       |Long Release   
|Fat Syn Sync            |Program     |F046       |LeadSynth       |Hard           
|A leadload              |Program     |F047       |LeadSynth       |Hard           
|Thin AnaLead            |Program     |F048       |LeadSynth       |Hard          
|Lonley Sphinx           |Program     |F049       |SlowSynth       |Bright         
|Breathy Bells           |Program     |F050       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Bad Weather             |Program     |F051       |SFX             |Natural        
|Brass Fall              |Program     |F052       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|TuboCZ 1000 huayno      |Program     |F053       |FastSynth       |Short Release  
|String CZ 1000 huayno   |Program     |F054       |Strings         |Ensemble       
|Lead amor y odio        |Program     |F055       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Belen Bells             |Program     |F056       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Vives M1                |Program     |F057       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Synth Brass             |Program     |F058       |User 16         |User 0         
|8cto Lead               |Program     |F059       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Squares Angeles         |Program     |F060       |FastSynth       |Short Release  
|D igital Bells          |Program     |F061       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Korali                  |Program     |F062       |SlowSynth       |Bright         
|String +12 Yover 2      |Program     |F063       |Strings         |Ensemble       
|Villero 1               |Program     |F064       |LeadSynth       |Hard           
|VILLERO                 |Program     |F065       |FastSynth       |Short Release  
|CORALI                  |Program     |F066       |LeadSynth       |Hard           
|Preasure CRY            |Program     |F067       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed           
|8to Bells Ohihs         |Program     |F068       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Poly Synth              |Program     |F069       |User 16         |User 1         
|VAN HALLEN <JUMP>       |Program     |F070       |User 16         |User 1         
|LEAD MOOG               |Program     |F071       |User 16         |User 0         
|LEAD MOOG2 <saw>        |Program     |F072       |User 16         |User 0         
|CARS SYNC               |Program     |F073       |User 16         |User 0         
|PROPHET SOLO <press>    |Program     |F074       |User 16         |User 0         
|ELP Fanfare             |Program     |F075       |User 16         |User 1         
|RUDESS SOLO<ctrl me>    |Program     |F076       |User 16         |User 0         
|Bussy Boy               |Program     |F077       |LeadSynth       |Soft           
|STACCATO HEAVEN 1       |Program     |F078       |User 16         |User 0         
|STACCATO HEAVEN 2       |Program     |F079       |User 16         |User 0         
|Split Sinc X5D          |Program     |F080       |User 17         |User 1         
|Mono Lead X5D           |Program     |F081       |User 17         |User 0         
|Brass  Attack           |Program     |F082       |User 17         |User 0         
|Poly Brass              |Program     |F083       |User 17         |User 0         
|Ribbon Ternura          |Program     |F084       |User 17         |User 0         
|Banjo                   |Program     |F085       |User 17         |User 2         
|Pan Flauta M1           |Program     |F086       |User 16         |User 0         
|Synth Chord Hit         |Program     |F087       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit            
|Synth Hitter            |Program     |F088       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit            
|ANGELES                 |Program     |F089       |User 16         |User 0         
|CORALI - EL AMOR_TS     |Program     |F090       |LeadSynth       |Hard           
|FATHOMS_TATO            |Program     |F091       |MotionSynth     |Motion         
|Steel Guitar_TATO       |Program     |F092       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar       
|SQUARE_TATO             |Program     |F093       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|STRINGS LEGATO_TATO     |Program     |F094       |Strings         |Ensemble       
|SOLO RECUERDOS_TATO     |Program     |F095       |Organ           |Pipe Organ     
|TINGLY PIANO_TATO       |Program     |F096       |Keyboard        |A.Piano        
|ACOUSTIC GUITAR_TATO    |Program     |F097       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar       
|CLAVI-GUITAR_TATO       |Program     |F098       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar       
|REZ - TATO              |Program     |F099       |LeadSynth       |Soft           
|JAZZ GUITAR - TATO      |Program     |F100       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar       
|STACCATO HEAVEN 4       |Program     |F101       |User 16         |User 1         
|4 mentiras Lead         |Program     |F102       |LeadSynth       |Hard           
|Happy Kids Bells        |Program     |F103       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|DigiMetal Bell          |Program     |F104       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Vibes Mix               |Program     |F105       |User 16         |User 1         
|Le@d L@ Lig@            |Program     |F106       |User 17         |User 0         
|1MAXI STAB              |Program     |F107       |User 17         |User 1         
|Octole@D de L@ C@lle    |Program     |F108       |User 17         |User 0         
|Tenor Sax La Liga       |Program     |F109       |User 17         |User 2         
|Acordeon Yerba Brava    |Program     |F110       |User 17         |User 0         
|Pan Flute winds         |Program     |F111       |User 16         |User 0         
|Fresh Bells             |Program     |F112       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet         
|Future Syn Pad          |Program     |F113       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet         
|Phat Saw Lead           |Program     |F114       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Super Saw Brass         |Program     |F115       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Diganle Bells intro     |Program     |F116       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Analog  Brass Cresh     |Program     |F117       |Brass           |Ensemble       
|Digy Bells              |Program     |F118       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|D igital Bells          |Program     |F119       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Future Andean Pan Flute |Program     |F120       |User 16         |User 1         
|8to Bells OhihS         |Program     |F121       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell           
|Chicago                 |Program     |F122       |LeadSynth       |Soft           
|Split Sync              |Program     |F123       |LeadSynth       |Soft           
|Espanish Guitarr        |Program     |F124       |User 16         |User 0         
|Musette N364            |Program     |F125       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed           
|Bussy Boy               |Program     |F126       |LeadSynth       |Soft           
|Rico Walker Sax         |Program     |F127       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed           
|AMANECER                |Combi       |D000       |Brass/Reed      |Brass          
|AMANECER - CLAV_TS      |Combi       |D001       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar       
|SIRENA DEL AMOR         |Combi       |D002       |Brass/Reed      |Brass          
|LLAMA DE AMOR_TS        |Combi       |D003       |User 16         |User 0         
|QUIERO OLVIDARTE        |Combi       |D004       |User 16         |User 0         
|PALOMA AJENA_TS         |Combi       |D005       |Brass/Reed      |Brass          
|CENIZAS_TATO SANCHEZ    |Combi       |D006       |Strings         |Small          
|LAGRIMAS DE HOMBRE_TS   |Combi       |D007       |User 16         |User 0         
|ASI ES EL AMOR_TS       |Combi       |D008       |Brass/Reed      |Brass          
|NI PERDON NI OLVIDO_TS  |Combi       |D009       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell           
|PURAS MENTIRAS 1_TS     |Combi       |D010       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar       
|PURAS MENTIRAS 2_TS     |Combi       |D011       |Strings         |Small          
|AMOR PROHIBIDO 1-TS     |Combi       |D012       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar       
|AMOR PROHIBIDO 2_TS     |Combi       |D013       |Strings         |Small          
|MIL AMORES 1_TS         |Combi       |D014       |Synth           |Bright         
|MIL AMORES 2_TS         |Combi       |D015       |Strings         |Small          
|MIX 8                   |Combi       |D016       |User 16         |User 0         
|CANTOHERIDO_BRASS&ACORDE|Combi       |D017       |Brass/Reed      |Brass          
|CANTOHERIDO_STRING&ACORD|Combi       |D018       |Strings         |Small          
|PENSANDO EN TI_TS       |Combi       |D019       |Strings         |Small          
|ESTA VEZ ME ENAMORE     |Combi       |D020       |Strings         |Small          
|Jazz Ambi Kit Dry       |DrumKit     |INT000     |                 |               
|Jazz Ambi Kit Ambience  |DrumKit     |INT001     |                 |               
|Basic Kit 1             |DrumKit     |INT002     |                 |               
|Basic Kit 2             |DrumKit     |INT003     |                 |               
|Rock Kit                |DrumKit     |INT004     |                 |               
|Power Kit 1             |DrumKit     |INT005     |                 |               
|Power Kit 2             |DrumKit     |INT006     |                 |               
|Jazz/Brush Kit          |DrumKit     |INT007     |                 |               
|House Kit               |DrumKit     |INT008     |                 |               
|Electronica/Dance Kit 1 |DrumKit     |INT009     |                 |               
|Electronica/Dance Kit 2 |DrumKit     |INT010     |                 |               
|Tekno Klub Kit          |DrumKit     |INT011     |                 |               
|Granular Acid Kit       |DrumKit     |INT012     |                 |               
|Tricky Kit              |DrumKit     |INT013     |                 |               
|Drum'n'Bass Kit 1       |DrumKit     |INT014     |                 |               
|Drum'n'Bass Kit 2       |DrumKit     |INT015     |                 |               
|Hip Hop Kit 1           |DrumKit     |INT016     |                 |               
|Hip Hop Kit 2           |DrumKit     |INT017     |                 |               
|Urban Hip Hop Kit       |DrumKit     |INT018     |                 |               
|NuHop Kit               |DrumKit     |INT019     |                 |               
|R&B Kit 1               |DrumKit     |INT020     |                 |               
|R&B Kit 2               |DrumKit     |INT021     |                 |               
|Psycho Kit              |DrumKit     |INT022     |                 |               
|Ana-Log Kit             |DrumKit     |INT023     |                 |              
|Mad Analog Kit          |DrumKit     |INT024     |                 |               
|Noisy Kit               |DrumKit     |INT025     |                 |               
|Percussion Kit          |DrumKit     |INT026     |                 |               
|Orchestra&Ethnic        |DrumKit     |INT027     |                 |               
|Human Beat Box Kit      |DrumKit     |INT028     |                 |               
|BD&SD Catalog 1         |DrumKit     |INT029     |                 |               
|BD&SD Catalog 2         |DrumKit     |INT030     |                 |               
|Cymbals Catalog         |DrumKit     |INT031     |                 |               
|CUMBIA PERC             |DrumKit     |U-INT033   |                 |               
|hallion drums           |DrumKit     |U-INT034   |                 |               
|bongo                   |DrumKit     |U-INT035   |                 |               
|krome kit 2             |DrumKit     |U-INT040   |                 |               
|faoo kit                |DrumKit     |U-INT041   |                 |               
|gio percu               |DrumKit     |U-INT042   |                 |               
|GM LATIN                |DrumKit     |U-INT047   |                 |               



This is definitely the best samples pack to play Peruvian cumbia!

Korg Peru has done a fantastic job: Samples, programs, Combi, drum kit ... everything is there to make you happy.

We are proud to have Krome with this pack!

Thank you very much guys, keep so!

Download Krome Cumbia Peruana Samples Pack A and B



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