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Hello, in this article you will learn how to select your own sound samples in your Korg Krome.

First, make sure that you have an SD card containing the following two files: SAMPLE.IMG & META.IMG. If you do not know how to generate them, search out this site!
Insert your SD card into the Krome and look carefully loading the optional PCM bank during startup krome.
You should have a screen like the following:

Then go into any program and click on the krome screen :

1) PROG button upper left
2) Program then "P2 OSC / Pitch" button
3) On the multisample line, click on the zone XL.M, XM.St. .. to change the sample bank to Opt.PCM as on the next screen!


That's it!

Now, you just have to create a lot of new programs with your samples!

Kromatool or Kromatic ?

Kromatool is the very first tool to manage samples for your Korg Krome.

Version 0.31 was released few years ago, Now, this tool is discontinued.

Install Kromatic instead !!!


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