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NatLife Sounds back to you with a thriller-soundbank for Korg Krome synthesizer – Cybertrance V1. This bank has collected Cyberpunk, Trance, and Synthwave sound. Nothing else will sound like Krome, because of 128 Polyphony, which gives you a full inspiration of retro vibes. But on the other side, it’s completed with beautiful Trance Plucks, and deep lush Pads, which can be great for both styles. Also, it has a great pack of amazing retro ARP Basslines, specially made for Synthwave and Cyberpunk. And of course, the main sounds what you waiting from it – Leads, it has a very rich and warm vibe, which will not leave you without feeling to this sound.

Let's Test

As soon as the new natlife pack is loaded, we are struck by the freshness of the sounds offered!

We therefore begin our visit to the land of "trance" sounds with great enthusiasm.

"LD Power of Saw" is one of those fat sounds that we like to have in our synths and that's good, it's the first on the list! This lead is really fat and especially with the effects settings perfectly mastered!

A few "Pluck" type sounds follow that are also as interesting ... as they are hovering ... I particularly like "PLK Space"

The leads are excellent and perfect for composing your "trance" music, good sounds, as if you had an analog synth at your side ... with a special mention for the "LD Sawnarkom" also reminiscent of progressive rock, and the famous pig Lead Jordan R. (Used with an external arpeggiator)

The "Key" type sounds add an original touch, since they are very oriented towards the use of bells or organs, always with space effects, guaranteeing "unseen" sounds on the Krome.

The pads are plentiful and good, and although I prefer the ones in the other Natlife pack ... I fell over hearing the "PD Junomania" !

Finally, the bass sounds are few enough, but how effective because they are programmed as a progression/rythm ... where you just have to find the right sync to get original loops ...



Cybertrance V1 includes 58 Patches, which:

  • 16 – Leads
  • 6 SFX’s
  • 9 Plucks
  • 8 Pads
  • 7 Keys
  • 2 AAH
  • 9 Bass(incl. ARP Basslines)



In summary, if you didn't know what to buy for your korg chrome, this refreshing pack is ideal. Good sounds, original, and programmed by a real sound designer. I recommend, especially if you compose in the style "Techno / Trance" . Korg Krome has still something to do in the synth place ! For sure !

Enjoy it for only 28 euros !


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