M50 Factory Sounds for Korg Krome and Krome EX !

Author : KORG (c)

Hi Kromeheaveners,

here a new "old" sound pack that will make you happy again with your Korg Krome or Krome EX.

What about making the same sound than a Korg M50 ?

Well, it's pretty simple ! Here is the PCG file that can be directly loaded by your korg Krome. I also try to browse the content with my Krome EX and it's also compatible !

Enjoy your new Sound Pack !!! Freely !!!



|Patch Name              |Patch Type  |Patch ID   |Category        |Sub Category    |
|M50 Grand Piano         |Program     |A000       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|M3 Mono Piano & Damper  |Program     |A001       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Pan Suit EP 1  SW2,Knob1|Program     |A002       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Rich Tea E.Piano        |Program     |A003       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Pure Wurly E.Piano      |Program     |A004       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Clav Register AC        |Program     |A005       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Rock Perc.Organ         |Program     |A006       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Intimate Strings        |Program     |A007       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Sharp Brass & Sax Octave|Program     |A008       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|New Vib Flute           |Program     |A009       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Stereo Voice Pad        |Program     |A010       |Vocal/Airy      |Airy            |
|Funk Kit                |Program     |A011       |Drums           |Natural Drums   |
|B.Real Rap Kit          |Program     |A012       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Nylon Guitar 2          |Program     |A013       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Bright Acoustic Bass    |Program     |A014       |Bass/Synth Bass |A.Bass          |
|2 the Point             |Program     |A015       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Deep Soul Lead          |Program     |A016       |LeadSynth       |Soft            |
|Super Analog Pad        |Program     |A017       |SlowSynth       |Dark            |
|Time Machines           |Program     |A018       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|S&H Sync Shot           |Program     |A019       |Short Decay/Hit |Short Decay     |
|Stereo Grand 3-Way      |Program     |A020       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Stereo Grand 2-Way SW1  |Program     |A021       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Stereo Concert Piano    |Program     |A022       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Classic Piano+Damper    |Program     |A023       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Stereo Piano+Damper     |Program     |A024       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|New Harmonic Grand Piano|Program     |A025       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|SG-1D New Piano         |Program     |A026       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Stereo MIDI Grand w/Pad |Program     |A027       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Daydream Piano          |Program     |A028       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Romance Piano Bell Knob1|Program     |A029       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Sparkling Piano         |Program     |A030       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|CP Electric Grand       |Program     |A031       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|M1 Piano                |Program     |A032       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Mild Suitcase E.Piano   |Program     |A033       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Suitcase E.Piano 3-Way  |Program     |A034       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Attack Stage Piano      |Program     |A035       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Custom E.Piano          |Program     |A036       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Open E.Piano            |Program     |A037       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Real Suit E.Piano       |Program     |A038       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Direct E.Piano 1        |Program     |A039       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Direct E.Piano 2        |Program     |A040       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Master Rho.Piano        |Program     |A041       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Phunky Drive E.Piano    |Program     |A042       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Stage E.P. Amp Type 1   |Program     |A043       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Pan Suit EP 2  SW2,Knob1|Program     |A044       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Stereo Suitcase         |Program     |A045       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Wah Panning E.Piano     |Program     |A046       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Bi-Phase E.Piano        |Program     |A047       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Deep Phaser E.Piano     |Program     |A048       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Stereo Dyno E.Piano     |Program     |A049       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Dyna-My Electric Piano  |Program     |A050       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Master Dyno E.Piano     |Program     |A051       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Reed E.Piano            |Program     |A052       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Wurly E.Piano           |Program     |A053       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Dist Black Wurly        |Program     |A054       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Master Wurly E.Piano    |Program     |A055       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Piano Power Pad         |Program     |A056       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Ballade E.Piano         |Program     |A057       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Digi E.Piano 4-Way      |Program     |A058       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Breathy EP Pad          |Program     |A059       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|SynPianoxy              |Program     |A060       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Dark RnB Piano          |Program     |A061       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Tiny Tine E.Piano       |Program     |A062       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|VS Wave Piano           |Program     |A063       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Smooth Operators        |Program     |A064       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Digi E.Piano 3-Way      |Program     |A065       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Dynamic E.Piano         |Program     |A066       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Funky Tine E.Piano      |Program     |A067       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|VPM E.Piano             |Program     |A068       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Clav 1/Mute SW1         |Program     |A069       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Clav 2/Mute SW1         |Program     |A070       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Velo Clav Mutes         |Program     |A071       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Buzzy Clav              |Program     |A072       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Sticky Finga Clav       |Program     |A073       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Spike Rez Clav          |Program     |A074       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|V.Switch WS Clav        |Program     |A075       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Crunch Clav             |Program     |A076       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Clav Keyoff 1 SW1       |Program     |A077       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Clav Keyoff 2 SW1       |Program     |A078       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Clav Keyoff 3 SW1       |Program     |A079       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Clav Register AD        |Program     |A080       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Clav Register BC        |Program     |A081       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Clav Register BD        |Program     |A082       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Velo Clav "BD"          |Program     |A083       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Master Clav             |Program     |A084       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Touch Wah Clav          |Program     |A085       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Phase Clav Keyoff       |Program     |A086       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Mute Clav Keyoff        |Program     |A087       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|8' Harpsichord + Key Off|Program     |A088       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|16'+8' Harpsichord+Pluk |Program     |A089       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|JazzPerc Organ (3rd/2nd)|Program     |A090       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Perc 1/3rd Organ        |Program     |A091       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Jazz Organ Dist.Perc    |Program     |A092       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Perc 3rd Dist/Organ     |Program     |A093       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Perc Blues OD. Organ SW |Program     |A094       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Dist.Organ Perc         |Program     |A095       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Distortion Organ        |Program     |A096       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Rock-Organ Overdrive    |Program     |A097       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Master Perc Rock Organ  |Program     |A098       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Perc Organ              |Program     |A099       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Master Full Organ       |Program     |A100       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Screamin' CX-3 SW1,2    |Program     |A101       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Master Rock Organ       |Program     |A102       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|M1/Perc1 Organ          |Program     |A103       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Smoke House Organ       |Program     |A104       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Jazz Perc Organ         |Program     |A105       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Percussive Organ        |Program     |A106       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Gospel BX3              |Program     |A107       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Jazzy Med. Organ        |Program     |A108       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Ballade Organ           |Program     |A109       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Drawbars adds Highs     |Program     |A110       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Drawbars soft<->full    |Program     |A111       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Full Power BX3          |Program     |A112       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Full Organ              |Program     |A113       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|DWGS Mix Organ          |Program     |A114       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|CX-3 Organ              |Program     |A115       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|DWGS Soft Organ         |Program     |A116       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Ballade Organ SW1,2     |Program     |A117       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Jazzy Dark Organ SW,Knob|Program     |A118       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Techno Organ Leader     |Program     |A119       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Vox Organ SW2 Tabs      |Program     |A120       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Vox E.Organ             |Program     |A121       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|UK Rock Organ           |Program     |A122       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Positive Organ          |Program     |A123       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|Church Positive/Full    |Program     |A124       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|Pipe Organ Mixture      |Program     |A125       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|Pipe Full Organ         |Program     |A126       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|VS Bells Twinkle Dust   |Program     |A127       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Air Bells               |Program     |B000       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Morning Bells           |Program     |B001       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Happy Kids Bells        |Program     |B002       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Pure Satin Bells        |Program     |B003       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Silver Solar Bells      |Program     |B004       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|VPM Pluck Bells         |Program     |B005       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Glass Pluck Bells       |Program     |B006       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|VS Bells 1              |Program     |B007       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|VS Bells 2              |Program     |B008       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|VS Bells 3              |Program     |B009       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|VPM Tubular Bells       |Program     |B010       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Finger Cymbal Bells     |Program     |B011       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|DigiMetal Bell          |Program     |B012       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Little Fuzz Bell        |Program     |B013       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Analog Bell/Harp        |Program     |B014       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Calm Bell Synth         |Program     |B015       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Glass Bell              |Program     |B016       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Music Box               |Program     |B017       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Orchestral Celesta      |Program     |B018       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Glockenspiel Soft       |Program     |B019       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Glockenspiel Hard       |Program     |B020       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Tubular Bells Rack      |Program     |B021       |Bell/Mallet     |Bell            |
|Vibraphone Soft         |Program     |B022       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Vibraphone Hard         |Program     |B023       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Bali Gamelan            |Program     |B024       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Birds in the Kalimba SW1|Program     |B025       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|African Kalimba         |Program     |B026       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|The Kalimba             |Program     |B027       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Marimba Hard Mallet     |Program     |B028       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Xylophone Dynamic Xfade |Program     |B029       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Balaphone               |Program     |B030       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|The Log Drum            |Program     |B031       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Steel Drums SW1         |Program     |B032       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Santur Dynamic Xfade    |Program     |B033       |Bell/Mallet     |Mallet          |
|Stereo Strings Legato   |Program     |B034       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Stereo Oct Strings SW1  |Program     |B035       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Symphony Strings        |Program     |B036       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Arco Stereo Strings     |Program     |B037       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Symphonic Bows          |Program     |B038       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Hollywood Strings       |Program     |B039       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Legato Strings          |Program     |B040       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Platinum Strings        |Program     |B041       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Few Bows Stereo         |Program     |B042       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Beautiful Strings       |Program     |B043       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Tremolo Strings  Knob1  |Program     |B044       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Analog Strings Stereo   |Program     |B045       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Analog Strings          |Program     |B046       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|String Pad 1            |Program     |B047       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|String Pad 2            |Program     |B048       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Vintage Analog Strings  |Program     |B049       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Analog Strings Pad      |Program     |B050       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Analog Strings Ens      |Program     |B051       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Progressive Ana Strings |Program     |B052       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Krimson Strings SW2     |Program     |B053       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Pizz Ensemble/Solo 1 SW2|Program     |B054       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|Pizz Ensemble/Solo 2 SW2|Program     |B055       |Strings         |Ensemble        |
|String Quartet/Pizz SW1 |Program     |B056       |Strings         |Solo            |
|Vib StrQuartet/Pizz SW1 |Program     |B057       |Strings         |Solo            |
|Violin Solo/Pizz  SW1   |Program     |B058       |Strings         |Solo            |
|Vib Violin Solo/Pizz SW1|Program     |B059       |Strings         |Solo            |
|Viola Solo/Pizz SW1     |Program     |B060       |Strings         |Solo            |
|Cello Solo/Pizz SW1     |Program     |B061       |Strings         |Solo            |
|Erhu SW1                |Program     |B062       |Strings         |Solo            |
|Scat Voices             |Program     |B063       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Male Scat Voices        |Program     |B064       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Female Scat Voices      |Program     |B065       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Classical Choir         |Program     |B066       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Classic Choir           |Program     |B067       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Aaah Stereo Voices      |Program     |B068       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Ah Voices               |Program     |B069       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Ooh Voices L&R          |Program     |B070       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Oooh Stereo Voices      |Program     |B071       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Uh-Wooh M&F Voices      |Program     |B072       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Tron Choir              |Program     |B073       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|VoxFormant AAH/OOH=SW1  |Program     |B074       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Sing-2-Me  Kn1=Ah,Ha,Lah|Program     |B075       |Vocal/Airy      |Vocal           |
|Mountain Voices         |Program     |B076       |Vocal/Airy      |Airy            |
|New Day Voices          |Program     |B077       |Vocal/Airy      |Airy            |
|Alpine Voice Pad        |Program     |B078       |Vocal/Airy      |Airy            |
|Dream Voices            |Program     |B079       |Vocal/Airy      |Airy            |
|Arctic Voices           |Program     |B080       |Vocal/Airy      |Airy            |
|Light Voices L&R        |Program     |B081       |Vocal/Airy      |Airy            |
|Air Voices              |Program     |B082       |Vocal/Airy      |Airy            |
|Dreaming of Blue        |Program     |B083       |Vocal/Airy      |Airy            |
|Stereo Open Brass       |Program     |B084       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Session Brass           |Program     |B085       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Big Stereo Brass        |Program     |B086       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Thin Stereo Brass       |Program     |B087       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Trumpets Xfade          |Program     |B088       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Warm Brass              |Program     |B089       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Full Brass Section      |Program     |B090       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Mono Brass              |Program     |B091       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|SFZ Brass               |Program     |B092       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Brass Vel. Fall 3-Way   |Program     |B093       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Sharp Brass             |Program     |B094       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Trumpets Velocity       |Program     |B095       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Trombone Duo            |Program     |B096       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|2 Trumpets Oct-Velo Fall|Program     |B097       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|T.O.P Section           |Program     |B098       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Trombones 4-Way         |Program     |B099       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Trombones Xfade         |Program     |B100       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Brass & Saxophones      |Program     |B101       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Stereo Brass & Tubas    |Program     |B102       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|French Horn Ensemble    |Program     |B103       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|French Horn Duo         |Program     |B104       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Nu French Horn Ensemble |Program     |B105       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Brass doit/fall Hit !   |Program     |B106       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Mute Tp/Tb Ensemble     |Program     |B107       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Sharp Mute Tp/Tb Octave |Program     |B108       |Brass           |Ensemble        |
|Sensitive Trumpet       |Program     |B109       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Trumpet Overblown       |Program     |B110       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Trumpet Open Tone       |Program     |B111       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Tongue Trumpet Xfade    |Program     |B112       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Trumpet Vibrato         |Program     |B113       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Mute Trumpet            |Program     |B114       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Piccolo Trumpet         |Program     |B115       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Flugelhorn              |Program     |B116       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Solo Trombone 4-Way     |Program     |B117       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Trombone Vibrato        |Program     |B118       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Mute Trombone           |Program     |B119       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Solo French Horn        |Program     |B120       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Tuba Dynamic Xfade      |Program     |B121       |Brass           |Solo            |
|Silver Flute            |Program     |B122       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Vibrato Flute           |Program     |B123       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Flute Dynamic           |Program     |B124       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Magical Flute           |Program     |B125       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Jazz Flute Solo Perf.   |Program     |B126       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Piccolo Flute           |Program     |B127       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Strawberry Flutes SW1   |Program     |C000       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Recorder                |Program     |C001       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Nay                     |Program     |C002       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Ocarina Classic Tone    |Program     |C003       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|PanFlute + Overtones    |Program     |C004       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Tin Whistle             |Program     |C005       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Shakuhachi Xfade        |Program     |C006       |Woodwind/Reed   |Woodwind        |
|Soprano Sax  JS-Y Growl |Program     |C007       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Vibrato Saxes JS-Y Growl|Program     |C008       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Alto Sax Soft -Y Breath |Program     |C009       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Alto Sax Hard JS-Y Growl|Program     |C010       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Tenor & Alto Saxes Forte|Program     |C011       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Tenor Sax Hard -Y Growl |Program     |C012       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Baritone Sax JS-Y Growl |Program     |C013       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Doublereed Family       |Program     |C014       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Oboe                    |Program     |C015       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|English Horn SW1        |Program     |C016       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Clarinets               |Program     |C017       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Clarinet                |Program     |C018       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Bass Clarinet SW1 Duo   |Program     |C019       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Bassoon                 |Program     |C020       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Musette + Principal     |Program     |C021       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Musette + 4'            |Program     |C022       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Astor's Bandoneon       |Program     |C023       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Harmonica SW1 Distortion|Program     |C024       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Uillean Pipe VeloSwitch |Program     |C025       |Woodwind/Reed   |Reed            |
|Nylon Guitar 1          |Program     |C026       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|12 String Guitar        |Program     |C027       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|A.Guitar Dynamic Pick   |Program     |C028       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Steel Ac Guitar         |Program     |C029       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Metal Res Guitar        |Program     |C030       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Glassy Strat            |Program     |C031       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Xfade E.Guitar          |Program     |C032       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|E.Guitar Dynamic Pick   |Program     |C033       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Hybrid Guitar           |Program     |C034       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Fly Studio Guitar       |Program     |C035       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Telly E.Guitar Comp     |Program     |C036       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Twin Telly E.Guitar     |Program     |C037       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Muted Pick Guitar 1     |Program     |C038       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Muted Pick Guitar 2     |Program     |C039       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Funkaholic Mute E.Guitar|Program     |C040       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Elec Guitar + Twin      |Program     |C041       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Dirty Guitar + AC30     |Program     |C042       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|SemiDist. Guitar        |Program     |C043       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Overdrive Guitar SW1,2  |Program     |C044       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Cool AutoWah Gtr        |Program     |C045       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Whack-a-Wah SW1         |Program     |C046       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Vintage Tremolo Guitar  |Program     |C047       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Rotary Guitar           |Program     |C048       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Tremolo-matic           |Program     |C049       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Brit Guitar             |Program     |C050       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Boutique Lead Guitar    |Program     |C051       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|New Fuzz Guitar Velo    |Program     |C052       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Distorted Guitar Lead   |Program     |C053       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Wah Lead Gtr JS+-Y      |Program     |C054       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Screaming Tube Guitar   |Program     |C055       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Dist.Guit JS-Y Mute     |Program     |C056       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Mega Mute Guitar        |Program     |C057       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Power Guitar FX         |Program     |C058       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Gtr Power Chords & FX   |Program     |C059       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|JazzGuitar & AmpCabinet |Program     |C060       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Pedal Steel PreBend Gtr |Program     |C061       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Bouzuki Octave Strings  |Program     |C062       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Dyna Banjo              |Program     |C063       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Harp 'Nails'            |Program     |C064       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Mandolin Pick           |Program     |C065       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Mandolin Trem & Str     |Program     |C066       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Sitar & Tambura         |Program     |C067       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Sitar SW2               |Program     |C068       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Shamisen SW1 Double     |Program     |C069       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Koto SW1                |Program     |C070       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Oud Dynamic Xfade       |Program     |C071       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Dark Floor Bass         |Program     |C072       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|2 Deep Bass             |Program     |C073       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Dark Point Bass         |Program     |C074       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Woody Syn Bass          |Program     |C075       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Props Bass              |Program     |C076       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|DistortionHead          |Program     |C077       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Elephant Sub Bass       |Program     |C078       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Dark Round Wound        |Program     |C079       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Syn Reso Bass SW1,2     |Program     |C080       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Hevy O                  |Program     |C081       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Deep in the Growler     |Program     |C082       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Funkylicious Bass       |Program     |C083       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Rezziz Bazz  Knob3      |Program     |C084       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Blue Acid Bass          |Program     |C085       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|PowerBar Bass           |Program     |C086       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Memento Mori Bass       |Program     |C087       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Trauma Bass             |Program     |C088       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Raunchy Bass            |Program     |C089       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Evil Eye Bass           |Program     |C090       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|VPM Syn Bass            |Program     |C091       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Take Me Home Bass       |Program     |C092       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Phone Home Bass         |Program     |C093       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Vulcan Ear Bass         |Program     |C094       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|RnB Bass/Lead           |Program     |C095       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Harmonic Bass           |Program     |C096       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|HipHop Shop             |Program     |C097       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Mud Bass                |Program     |C098       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Ragin' Bass             |Program     |C099       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Father of Disco Bass    |Program     |C100       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Electro Big Bass        |Program     |C101       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|MG Funk Bass            |Program     |C102       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|JungleHead              |Program     |C103       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Hard Sync Bass          |Program     |C104       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Kriptonik Bass          |Program     |C105       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|House Organ Bass        |Program     |C106       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|Strong/Baddd Bass       |Program     |C107       |Bass/Synth Bass |Synth Bass      |
|A'Kustik Bass           |Program     |C108       |Bass/Synth Bass |A.Bass          |
|Acoustic Bass 1 SW1     |Program     |C109       |Bass/Synth Bass |A.Bass          |
|Acoustic Bass 2 SW1     |Program     |C110       |Bass/Synth Bass |A.Bass          |
|Finger Bass 1           |Program     |C111       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Finger Bass 2           |Program     |C112       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Finger Bass 3           |Program     |C113       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Finger Bass 4           |Program     |C114       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Finger Bass 5           |Program     |C115       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Finger Bass 6           |Program     |C116       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Finger Bass 7           |Program     |C117       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Velocity Bend Bass      |Program     |C118       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Stinger Bass            |Program     |C119       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Picked Precision Bass   |Program     |C120       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Picked Bass 1           |Program     |C121       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Picked Bass 2 SW1       |Program     |C122       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Picked Velocity Mute    |Program     |C123       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|HB Fretless Bass        |Program     |C124       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Pro Fretless Bass SW1   |Program     |C125       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Dark Fretless           |Program     |C126       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Slap Bass Sting SW1 Noiz|Program     |C127       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Thumb Bass 1            |Program     |D000       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Thumb Bass 2 SW1        |Program     |D001       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Mono Dyna Slap Bass     |Program     |D002       |Bass/Synth Bass |E.Bass          |
|Hybrid String Pad       |Program     |D003       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Ana-2-Real Strings      |Program     |D004       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Tranquil Pad            |Program     |D005       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Paddylicious            |Program     |D006       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|MassBrassPad            |Program     |D007       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Breeze Pad              |Program     |D008       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Airy Tails              |Program     |D009       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Evoxativity Pad         |Program     |D010       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Spectral Voices Knob2   |Program     |D011       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Whale's World SW1       |Program     |D012       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Angel World             |Program     |D013       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Late Night Pad          |Program     |D014       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Givin' Out Vibes        |Program     |D015       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Pad Hissing Pad         |Program     |D016       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Slow Metal Pad          |Program     |D017       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Reed Pad                |Program     |D018       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Filter Bank             |Program     |D019       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Slow Flange Pad         |Program     |D020       |SlowSynth       |Bright          |
|Synth Brass Pad         |Program     |D021       |SlowSynth       |Dark            |
|Slow Sine Pad           |Program     |D022       |SlowSynth       |Dark            |
|Cloud City              |Program     |D023       |SlowSynth       |Dark            |
|Deepest Vox Pad         |Program     |D024       |SlowSynth       |Dark            |
|The 5th Vector          |Program     |D025       |SlowSynth       |Dark            |
|Beautiful Longings      |Program     |D026       |SlowSynth       |Dark            |
|Ripplator               |Program     |D027       |SlowSynth       |Dark            |
|Gentle Syn Strings      |Program     |D028       |SlowSynth       |Dark            |
|Warm & Slow Pad         |Program     |D029       |SlowSynth       |Dark            |
|{(Meditate})            |Program     |D030       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|Splash From The Past    |Program     |D031       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|Freedom Pad             |Program     |D032       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|Simple Rez Sweep Pad    |Program     |D033       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|Notchstradamus          |Program     |D034       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|High Octane HPF Sweep   |Program     |D035       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|Cross Sweeper           |Program     |D036       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|Debussian Pad           |Program     |D037       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|Pad-O-Rama              |Program     |D038       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|Ghost Motions           |Program     |D039       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|Oddy-say Pad            |Program     |D040       |SlowSynth       |Sweep           |
|Rapper's D'light        |Program     |D041       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Syn Brass The Sailor    |Program     |D042       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Leader of Trance        |Program     |D043       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Spiky Analog            |Program     |D044       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|VeloFilter Stabs SW1    |Program     |D045       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Pure Power 5th          |Program     |D046       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Rat Chords     controls!|Program     |D047       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Warm Analog             |Program     |D048       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|DoubleSynth SW1         |Program     |D049       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Brite Rezzy Synth SW1   |Program     |D050       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Flute Pad               |Program     |D051       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Padme & Leadme          |Program     |D052       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Gliding Squares         |Program     |D053       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Sine Synth              |Program     |D054       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Synth Mallet            |Program     |D055       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Syn. Mallet 5ths        |Program     |D056       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Beauty Keys             |Program     |D057       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Pulse Morph Comp        |Program     |D058       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Fun Comp Synth          |Program     |D059       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Storm Chaser            |Program     |D060       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Dist Satellite          |Program     |D061       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Brite Bold Saws         |Program     |D062       |FastSynth       |Short Release   |
|Powerful Euphoria       |Program     |D063       |FastSynth       |Long Release    |
|Attacking Synth         |Program     |D064       |FastSynth       |Long Release    |
|Power Synth             |Program     |D065       |FastSynth       |Long Release    |
|Cosmic Furnace          |Program     |D066       |FastSynth       |Long Release    |
|Perky Vox Synth         |Program     |D067       |FastSynth       |Long Release    |
|Pop Synth Pad           |Program     |D068       |FastSynth       |Long Release    |
|Fresh Air               |Program     |D069       |FastSynth       |Long Release    |
|Happy Air Synth         |Program     |D070       |FastSynth       |Long Release    |
|Soft Rezz Synth         |Program     |D071       |FastSynth       |Long Release    |
|Bright Square Lead      |Program     |D072       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|TeknoSink Lead          |Program     |D073       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Wikid Lead              |Program     |D074       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Mega Lead               |Program     |D075       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Bright Saw Lead         |Program     |D076       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Classic Unison Lead     |Program     |D077       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Fear Not                |Program     |D078       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Amsterdam Momma         |Program     |D079       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Lead With a Vengence    |Program     |D080       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Pulse Morph Lead        |Program     |D081       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Squeekish Lead          |Program     |D082       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Stealth Sync Lead       |Program     |D083       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Syncified Lead          |Program     |D084       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Mega Sync Lead          |Program     |D085       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Tranceferrance Lead     |Program     |D086       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|ResRes One Mono Lead    |Program     |D087       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Vintage SciFi Lead      |Program     |D088       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Huggy lead              |Program     |D089       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Trance Form Lead        |Program     |D090       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Diss   (LH controllers!)|Program     |D091       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Mass Destruction        |Program     |D092       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Surfin PWM Lead         |Program     |D093       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Screaming Mini          |Program     |D094       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Vintage Lead            |Program     |D095       |LeadSynth       |Hard            |
|Espress Lead            |Program     |D096       |LeadSynth       |Soft            |
|Singing Lead            |Program     |D097       |LeadSynth       |Soft            |
|Lead Ting               |Program     |D098       |LeadSynth       |Soft            |
|Pro Synth Lead          |Program     |D099       |LeadSynth       |Soft            |
|Round Poppy Lead        |Program     |D100       |LeadSynth       |Soft            |
|Leading Sines           |Program     |D101       |LeadSynth       |Soft            |
|Vox Lead SW1            |Program     |D102       |LeadSynth       |Soft            |
|Syn Pipes               |Program     |D103       |LeadSynth       |Soft            |
|Vintage Sine Lead       |Program     |D104       |LeadSynth       |Soft            |
|Evolving                |Program     |D105       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Aqua Phonics            |Program     |D106       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Liquid Evolution        |Program     |D107       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Dark Revolution         |Program     |D108       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Morphing Cloud Pad      |Program     |D109       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Eternity                |Program     |D110       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Butterflies             |Program     |D111       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|The Good Fairy's Pad    |Program     |D112       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Lost & Falling          |Program     |D113       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Pods In The Pad         |Program     |D114       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Flying Machines         |Program     |D115       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Windy Atmosphere        |Program     |D116       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Transformation          |Program     |D117       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Swirl Pad               |Program     |D118       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Flutter Pad             |Program     |D119       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Dream Catcher           |Program     |D120       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Spirals & Steps         |Program     |D121       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Sea Glass               |Program     |D122       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|VS Waves Mirror*rorriM  |Program     |D123       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Flutterz                |Program     |D124       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Shimmer Sparkle Pad     |Program     |D125       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Scatter Synth           |Program     |D126       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|Apollo Pad              |Program     |D127       |MotionSynth     |Motion          |
|BPM Gating Voice Pad    |Program     |E000       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|Whispering              |Program     |E001       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Flashlight Pad      |Program     |E002       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Gatepad             |Program     |E003       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|Sea Creature            |Program     |E004       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Pulse               |Program     |E005       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Orbit Blip          |Program     |E006       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|Ready for Liftoff       |Program     |E007       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Motion Trance       |Program     |E008       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Metallic Water      |Program     |E009       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Dense Motionations  |Program     |E010       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Machine Jam         |Program     |E011       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Telephone Jam       |Program     |E012       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM QuantizedFilterPlay |Program     |E013       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Step Slowly         |Program     |E014       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|eMoTiOn                 |Program     |E015       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|BPM Not a Care.....     |Program     |E016       |MotionSynth     |Rhythmic        |
|Perfect Storm           |Program     |E017       |SFX             |Natural         |
|SubSonik War Drums      |Program     |E018       |SFX             |Natural         |
|Sonic Blast             |Program     |E019       |SFX             |Natural         |
|Outside Elements        |Program     |E020       |SFX             |Natural         |
|Jungle Habitat          |Program     |E021       |SFX             |Natural         |
|Meditation Tree         |Program     |E022       |SFX             |Natural         |
|Coin Thwack             |Program     |E023       |SFX             |Natural         |
|New North Wind          |Program     |E024       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Wuukkee FX              |Program     |E025       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Stereo Flange Sweep     |Program     |E026       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Cosmic Waves            |Program     |E027       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Hemispheres             |Program     |E028       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Orbiting Probes         |Program     |E029       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|New Voyage              |Program     |E030       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Sweep-n-Drop            |Program     |E031       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Space Gliders           |Program     |E032       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Ask For Directions      |Program     |E033       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Steam Sweeps            |Program     |E034       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Distant Ice             |Program     |E035       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|The Great Wall          |Program     |E036       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Cosmic Frisbee          |Program     |E037       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Ominous Orch Pad/Hit SW1|Program     |E038       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Crypt-on                |Program     |E039       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Close the Blast Doors   |Program     |E040       |SFX             |Synthetic       |
|Short SAW Arp           |Program     |E041       |Short Decay/Hit |Short Decay     |
|Short SQUARE Arp        |Program     |E042       |Short Decay/Hit |Short Decay     |
|Bright Synth Hits       |Program     |E043       |Short Decay/Hit |Short Decay     |
|Metal Arp               |Program     |E044       |Short Decay/Hit |Short Decay     |
|Goober Uber Alles       |Program     |E045       |Short Decay/Hit |Short Decay     |
|Tech-Blip               |Program     |E046       |Short Decay/Hit |Short Decay     |
|Synth Chord Hit         |Program     |E047       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Synth Hitter            |Program     |E048       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Mega Synth Hit          |Program     |E049       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Hit The Road!           |Program     |E050       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Hevy LO-FI Synth Hits   |Program     |E051       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Tinkle Hit              |Program     |E052       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Dance/House Hits        |Program     |E053       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Sky Boy                 |Program     |E054       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|R&B Planet              |Program     |E055       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|We All Fall Down        |Program     |E056       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Lo<->Hi Hit             |Program     |E057       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Brass Hit (Maj/HipHop)  |Program     |E058       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Stereo Power Hit        |Program     |E059       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Mega Orch Hit           |Program     |E060       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Multi Orch Hits         |Program     |E061       |Short Decay/Hit |Hit             |
|Studio Standard Kit     |Program     |E062       |Drums           |Natural Drums   |
|Jazz/Brush Kit          |Program     |E063       |Drums           |Natural Drums   |
|Acoustic Pop Kit        |Program     |E064       |Drums           |Natural Drums   |
|Wild Rock Kit           |Program     |E065       |Drums           |Natural Drums   |
|Processed Kit           |Program     |E066       |Drums           |Natural Drums   |
|Electro Rock Kit        |Program     |E067       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Insane FX Kit           |Program     |E068       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Nu Style Kit            |Program     |E069       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Hip Hop Kit             |Program     |E070       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Tricki Kit              |Program     |E071       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Mashed Kit              |Program     |E072       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Drum'n'Bass Kit         |Program     |E073       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|House Kit               |Program     |E074       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Trance Kit              |Program     |E075       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Hard House Kit          |Program     |E076       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Psycho/Chill Kit        |Program     |E077       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Down Low Rap Kit        |Program     |E078       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Low bit Kit             |Program     |E079       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Vinyl Loop Kit          |Program     |E080       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|DJ/BeatBox Kit          |Program     |E081       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Rap/Gospel Kit          |Program     |E082       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Industry/Vocal Kit      |Program     |E083       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|Original Perc. Kit      |Program     |E084       |Drums           |Perc            |
|Brazilian Perc. Kit     |Program     |E085       |Drums           |Perc            |
|Cuban Perc. Kit         |Program     |E086       |Drums           |Perc            |
|Conga Variation Kit     |Program     |E087       |Drums           |Perc            |
|Misc. Perc. Kit         |Program     |E088       |Drums           |Perc            |
|Orch./Ethnic Kit        |Program     |E089       |Drums           |Perc            |
|BD/SD/CymKit 1 TA  Knob4|Program     |E090       |Drums           |Natural Drums   |
|BD/SD/CymKit 2 TA  Knob4|Program     |E091       |Drums           |Natural Drums   |
|New Mega Drum Hit       |Program     |E092       |Drums           |Dance Drums     |
|China Gong (Tam Tam)    |Program     |E093       |Drums           |Perc            |
|Timpani Splits SW2 Roll |Program     |E094       |Drums           |Perc            |
|Marktree                |Program     |E095       |Drums           |Perc            |


|Dreaming withoutSleeping|Combi       |A000       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Driving Miles  SW1,2    |Combi       |A001       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|No Mo' Money Rap        |Combi       |A002       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Large Analog String Pad |Combi       |A003       |Strings         |Small           |
|The Fellowship of Saturn|Combi       |A004       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Trumpets&Brass Open Tone|Combi       |A005       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|The Orchestra           |Combi       |A006       |Orchestral      |Large           |
|Prog Rock Festival      |Combi       |A007       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|The Future of Funk      |Combi       |A008       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|European Holiday        |Combi       |A009       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Flight Of The Eagle     |Combi       |A010       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|Wizard Dust             |Combi       |A011       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|Powerful Intro          |Combi       |A012       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Tribal Dance            |Combi       |A013       |World           |World           |
|Fireside                |Combi       |A014       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Elec & Ac Guitar (Hold) |Combi       |A015       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Towards The Sun         |Combi       |A016       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Winter Walk             |Combi       |A017       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Worship                 |Combi       |A018       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Piano & Natural Voices  |Combi       |A019       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Across The Milky Way    |Combi       |A020       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Tirtian Piano           |Combi       |A021       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|The Ballade Piano       |Combi       |A022       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Eternal Visionary       |Combi       |A023       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Piano & Strings         |Combi       |A024       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Piano Tech Pad          |Combi       |A025       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Melancholy Piano Pad    |Combi       |A026       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Poetic Flute Ensemble   |Combi       |A027       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Stranded                |Combi       |A028       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Lake of Two Mountains   |Combi       |A029       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|WS Layer Keys           |Combi       |A030       |Keyboard        |A.Piano         |
|Stereo E.Piano          |Combi       |A031       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Electric Piano Pad      |Combi       |A032       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Tingly Breath E.Piano   |Combi       |A033       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Electus Grandus SW2 JS-Y|Combi       |A034       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Princess Hannah's Piano |Combi       |A035       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Future Tine             |Combi       |A036       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Reed Piano Pad          |Combi       |A037       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Sparkling Beauty        |Combi       |A038       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Indulge EP SW1          |Combi       |A039       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Blend Piano             |Combi       |A040       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Electric Bell EP        |Combi       |A041       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Tone Adjusted EP        |Combi       |A042       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Pianophonix             |Combi       |A043       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|The Crawl               |Combi       |A044       |Keyboard        |Synth E.Piano   |
|Safe from the Storm     |Combi       |A045       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Street Market           |Combi       |A046       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Vintage Tremolo EP      |Combi       |A047       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|NuBreed E.Piano 2       |Combi       |A048       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|NuBreed E.Piano 1       |Combi       |A049       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Garage Night SW2        |Combi       |A050       |Keyboard        |Real E.Piano    |
|Krazy Clav              |Combi       |A051       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Over Ground Wah         |Combi       |A052       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Stereo Buddies          |Combi       |A053       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Clavanator              |Combi       |A054       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Clav Clone              |Combi       |A055       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Buzzy Finga Clav        |Combi       |A056       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Chasing Vector          |Combi       |A057       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|The Recital             |Combi       |A058       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|A Baroque Moment        |Combi       |A059       |Keyboard        |Clav/Harpsi     |
|Distorted Full Organ    |Combi       |A060       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Vintage Organ           |Combi       |A061       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Old Jazz "B"            |Combi       |A062       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|BX-3 Key Click Organ    |Combi       |A063       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Wah Organ Velo SW       |Combi       |A064       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Funky Dual Manual Organ |Combi       |A065       |Organ           |E.Organ         |
|Jazzy Organ Split       |Combi       |A066       |Organ           |Organ Split     |
|Jazz Organ & Pedals     |Combi       |A067       |Organ           |Organ Split     |
|Master Rock Solo Organ  |Combi       |A068       |Organ           |Organ Split     |
|Pipes & Strings & Brass |Combi       |A069       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|Hymn for Him            |Combi       |A070       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|Pipe Organ & Choir      |Combi       |A071       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|Magic Pipe Organ        |Combi       |A072       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|Cathedral Organ         |Combi       |A073       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|Pipe Organ 1 (Use Knobs)|Combi       |A074       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|Pipe Organ 2 (Use Knobs)|Combi       |A075       |Organ           |Pipe Organ      |
|Reflective Tone         |Combi       |A076       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|Siberian Bells          |Combi       |A077       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|Ice On The Pond         |Combi       |A078       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|Welcoming               |Combi       |A079       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|Gamelan Dance           |Combi       |A080       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|Echoscape Bell          |Combi       |A081       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|A Bell and a Wish       |Combi       |A082       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|Balinese Joy            |Combi       |A083       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|Cute Music Box          |Combi       |A084       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|Bouncing With Benny SW1 |Combi       |A085       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Bell            |
|Rainbow Bridge          |Combi       |A086       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Mallet          |
|Mallet Kalimba          |Combi       |A087       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Mallet          |
|Breathing Bells JS-Y    |Combi       |A088       |Bell/Mallet/Perc|Mallet          |
|Camera Strings Control  |Combi       |A089       |Strings         |Small           |
|Delicato Strings        |Combi       |A090       |Strings         |Small           |
|String Menu SW1,2       |Combi       |A091       |Strings         |Small           |
|Vibrato Strings/Arco    |Combi       |A092       |Strings         |Small           |
|Xpressive Strings       |Combi       |A093       |Strings         |Small           |
|Mixed Strings           |Combi       |A094       |Strings         |Small           |
|DynaOctave Strings      |Combi       |A095       |Strings         |Small           |
|Natural Strings         |Combi       |A096       |Strings         |Medium          |
|Natural String/Arco     |Combi       |A097       |Strings         |Medium          |
|Tremolo Strings JS-Y    |Combi       |A098       |Strings         |Medium          |
|Pizzicato/Strings SW1   |Combi       |A099       |Strings         |Medium          |
|Velvet Pad Strings      |Combi       |A100       |Strings         |Large           |
|Red Velvet Strings      |Combi       |A101       |Strings         |Large           |
|Arco String Section     |Combi       |A102       |Strings         |Large           |
|Octave Legato Strings   |Combi       |A103       |Strings         |Large           |
|String->Tremolo Xfade   |Combi       |A104       |Strings         |Large           |
|Slow Pad String XL      |Combi       |A105       |Strings         |Large           |
|Pro Strings             |Combi       |A106       |Strings         |Large           |
|Grand Legato Strings    |Combi       |A107       |Strings         |Large           |
|Arco Grand Strings      |Combi       |A108       |Strings         |Large           |
|Dynamic Quantity Strings|Combi       |A109       |Strings         |Large           |
|Slow Grand Strings      |Combi       |A110       |Strings         |Large           |
|Dyna Trombones Stereo   |Combi       |A111       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|Slow Brass 2 SW1 Oct    |Combi       |A112       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|Orchestral Horns        |Combi       |A113       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|Sforzando Brass         |Combi       |A114       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|CupMute Brass Ensemble  |Combi       |A115       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|Muted Brass             |Combi       |A116       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|Bright Brass SW1 Oct    |Combi       |A117       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|Slow Brass 1 SW1 Oct    |Combi       |A118       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|FrenchHorns & Bones     |Combi       |A119       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|3 Soft Trumpets SW1     |Combi       |A120       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|Trumpets & Bones        |Combi       |A121       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|Brass & Mutes           |Combi       |A122       |Brass/Reed      |Brass           |
|Super Sax Section       |Combi       |A123       |Brass/Reed      |Reed            |
|All Saxophones          |Combi       |A124       |Brass/Reed      |Reed            |
|Saxophone Solo's Family |Combi       |A125       |Brass/Reed      |Reed            |
|Silver Flutes SW1 Oct   |Combi       |A126       |Brass/Reed      |Reed            |
|All Flutes              |Combi       |A127       |Brass/Reed      |Reed            |
|All Clarinets           |Combi       |B000       |Brass/Reed      |Reed            |
|All Doublereeds         |Combi       |B001       |Brass/Reed      |Reed            |
|Cuban Breeze            |Combi       |B002       |Brass/Reed      |Mix             |
|Brass & Sax Section     |Combi       |B003       |Brass/Reed      |Mix             |
|Alto & Brass Section    |Combi       |B004       |Brass/Reed      |Mix             |
|Flute & Bassoon         |Combi       |B005       |Brass/Reed      |Mix             |
|Sugar Dreams            |Combi       |B006       |Orchestral      |Small           |
|Concert in the Castle   |Combi       |B007       |Orchestral      |Small           |
|Strings & Woodwinds     |Combi       |B008       |Orchestral      |Small           |
|Ceremony for a King     |Combi       |B009       |Orchestral      |Small           |
|Orchestral Passages     |Combi       |B010       |Orchestral      |Small           |
|Renaissance Ensemble    |Combi       |B011       |Orchestral      |Small           |
|Orchestra Mezzopiano    |Combi       |B012       |Orchestral      |Small           |
|Orchestral Woodwinds    |Combi       |B013       |Orchestral      |Small           |
|Flutes & Orchestra      |Combi       |B014       |Orchestral      |Medium          |
|Orch Menu SW1,2         |Combi       |B015       |Orchestral      |Medium          |
|Brass&Strings Orchestra |Combi       |B016       |Orchestral      |Medium          |
|Chick Flick Orchestra   |Combi       |B017       |Orchestral      |Medium          |
|Piccolo&Xylophone Split |Combi       |B018       |Orchestral      |Medium          |
|Reed/Str/Brass/Orch.    |Combi       |B019       |Orchestral      |Medium          |
|Woodwind & Strings      |Combi       |B020       |Orchestral      |Medium          |
|Baroquesque             |Combi       |B021       |Orchestral      |Medium          |
|The Love Scene SW2      |Combi       |B022       |Orchestral      |Medium          |
|Dynamic Score Sketcher  |Combi       |B023       |Orchestral      |Medium          |
|Flute In The Movie      |Combi       |B024       |Orchestral      |Large           |
|M50 Orchestra           |Combi       |B025       |Orchestral      |Large           |
|Harpsichord & Orchestra |Combi       |B026       |Orchestral      |Large           |
|Matinee Hero Orch       |Combi       |B027       |Orchestral      |Large           |
|Velo Dynamic Orch       |Combi       |B028       |Orchestral      |Large           |
|Symphonic Music         |Combi       |B029       |Orchestral      |Large           |
|Movie Landscapes        |Combi       |B030       |Orchestral      |Large           |
|Ethno Geo               |Combi       |B031       |World           |World           |
|Mayan Temple            |Combi       |B032       |World           |World           |
|Asian Mystery           |Combi       |B033       |World           |World           |
|Safari King             |Combi       |B034       |World           |World           |
|Dance for Rain          |Combi       |B035       |World           |World           |
|New World Beat SW1      |Combi       |B036       |World           |World           |
|Celtic Tale             |Combi       |B037       |World           |World           |
|Going Home to Eire      |Combi       |B038       |World           |World           |
|Son of Nature           |Combi       |B039       |World           |World           |
|Asian  DJ               |Combi       |B040       |World           |World           |
|Dingo Dance             |Combi       |B041       |World           |World           |
|The Battle at Karnack   |Combi       |B042       |World           |World           |
|Tiger by the Tail       |Combi       |B043       |World           |World           |
|Kilimanjaro             |Combi       |B044       |World           |World           |
|Chinese Flavours SW1,2  |Combi       |B045       |World           |World           |
|Hakone & Fuji-san       |Combi       |B046       |World           |World           |
|Irish Flavors Split     |Combi       |B047       |World           |World           |
|Pipes! SW1,2 Recording  |Combi       |B048       |World           |World           |
|Mandolin Orchestra      |Combi       |B049       |World           |World           |
|When Daddy Gets Home    |Combi       |B050       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Nylon Guitars           |Combi       |B051       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Soundtrack Guitar       |Combi       |B052       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Acoustic Gtr Vocoder    |Combi       |B053       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|...and keeps on picking!|Combi       |B054       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Guitar&Heavenly Pad SW1 |Combi       |B055       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Gentle Guitar SW2       |Combi       |B056       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Tranquil Guitar Pad     |Combi       |B057       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Acoustic Duet           |Combi       |B058       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Son Of The Musical Fox  |Combi       |B059       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|12 String Guitar        |Combi       |B060       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Hot + Cold Guitar       |Combi       |B061       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Constant Sorrow         |Combi       |B062       |Guitar/Plucked  |A.Guitar        |
|Tines 'n' Frets         |Combi       |B063       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Monster Metal Axe       |Combi       |B064       |Guitar/Plucked  |E.Guitar        |
|Atmospheric Hybrid Bass |Combi       |B065       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|Mandolin Concert        |Combi       |B066       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|New Age Harp & Strings  |Combi       |B067       |Guitar/Plucked  |Plucked         |
|As The Dust Rises       |Combi       |B068       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|Velocity Trembles       |Combi       |B069       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|Nimbus Bells            |Combi       |B070       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|The Final Scene         |Combi       |B071       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|For Magical Moments     |Combi       |B072       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|A Formant Moment        |Combi       |B073       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|High Above Hills        |Combi       |B074       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|Lost at Sea             |Combi       |B075       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|Matrix Recursive        |Combi       |B076       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|New Orchestral          |Combi       |B077       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|CrossWave Pad. Wait..   |Combi       |B078       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|The Dawn of Life        |Combi       |B079       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|Endless Strings         |Combi       |B080       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|Silver Slumbers         |Combi       |B081       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|New Copland             |Combi       |B082       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|Warm Wind Pad           |Combi       |B083       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|Chanters                |Combi       |B084       |Pads/Vocal      |Bright          |
|Android Dream           |Combi       |B085       |Pads/Vocal      |Dark            |
|Paddy Cool              |Combi       |B086       |Pads/Vocal      |Dark            |
|A Secret Garden         |Combi       |B087       |Pads/Vocal      |Dark            |
|Berimbau A Minor Prayer |Combi       |B088       |Pads/Vocal      |Sweep           |
|Deep Thinking Machines  |Combi       |B089       |Pads/Vocal      |Sweep           |
|A Subtle Remark         |Combi       |B090       |Pads/Vocal      |Sweep           |
|Ripplator Pad           |Combi       |B091       |Pads/Vocal      |Sweep           |
|Super Stereo Choir      |Combi       |B092       |Pads/Vocal      |Vocal           |
|Vintage Prog Voices     |Combi       |B093       |Pads/Vocal      |Vocal           |
|Endless Choir           |Combi       |B094       |Pads/Vocal      |Vocal           |
|Jazzy Singers           |Combi       |B095       |Pads/Vocal      |Vocal           |
|Our Hero's Last Battle  |Combi       |B096       |Pads/Vocal      |Vocal           |
|Vocalraiser             |Combi       |B097       |Pads/Vocal      |Vocal           |
|Those Rainy Dayz        |Combi       |B098       |Pads/Vocal      |Vocal           |
|The Calling             |Combi       |B099       |Pads/Vocal      |Vocal           |
|Deep Vocal Pad          |Combi       |B100       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Winter Morning          |Combi       |B101       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Spectracolor Pad        |Combi       |B102       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Galactic Journey        |Combi       |B103       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Shifting Cells          |Combi       |B104       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Kaleidoscopic           |Combi       |B105       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|"Please... just hold me"|Combi       |B106       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Dust Storm on Mars      |Combi       |B107       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Motivation              |Combi       |B108       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Mafia Hit Man           |Combi       |B109       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Always Watching You...  |Combi       |B110       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Watching the Virus Grow |Combi       |B111       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|AstroBabe a Dancin'     |Combi       |B112       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|M Station               |Combi       |B113       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|The Secret Adventure    |Combi       |B114       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Advanced JS-Y Mix       |Combi       |B115       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Wandering Waves         |Combi       |B116       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|City of the Pad         |Combi       |B117       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Sprinkle Town           |Combi       |B118       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Desert Moonrise         |Combi       |B119       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Silver Swirlings        |Combi       |B120       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Fading Planes           |Combi       |B121       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Collective Motion       |Combi       |B122       |Motion Synth    |Motion          |
|Love for Trance         |Combi       |B123       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Castaway                |Combi       |B124       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Power Monster Synth     |Combi       |B125       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Moreish Polysynth       |Combi       |B126       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Aerofreak               |Combi       |B127       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Air Freshener Pad       |Combi       |C000       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Dancing Perky Vokal Pad |Combi       |C001       |Synth           |Bright          |
|EuroPop Supa'Starr      |Combi       |C002       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Electronica             |Combi       |C003       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Paisley Groove          |Combi       |C004       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Trivector               |Combi       |C005       |Synth           |Bright          |
|The Driven Synth        |Combi       |C006       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Digital Obesity         |Combi       |C007       |Synth           |Bright          |
|SupaDupa Zinth          |Combi       |C008       |Synth           |Bright          |
|Dark Element  SW2       |Combi       |C009       |Synth           |Dark            |
|Freshly Squeezed Air    |Combi       |C010       |Synth           |Dark            |
|Return To Cyberville    |Combi       |C011       |LeadSplits      |Synth Lead      |
|JPop Cover Girl         |Combi       |C012       |LeadSplits      |Synth Lead      |
|And Rest..              |Combi       |C013       |LeadSplits      |Synth Lead      |
|Can't Stop The Groove   |Combi       |C014       |LeadSplits      |Synth Lead      |
|Skippy Wants to Dance!  |Combi       |C015       |LeadSplits      |Synth Lead      |
|The Gates of Mordor SW1 |Combi       |C016       |LeadSplits      |Synth Lead      |
|Homie's Coming Home     |Combi       |C017       |LeadSplits      |Synth Lead      |
|Motion Pad&Bell Syn Lead|Combi       |C018       |LeadSplits      |Synth Lead      |
|Smooth Pad & Soft Lead  |Combi       |C019       |LeadSplits      |Synth Lead      |
|Cozumel Beach Romance   |Combi       |C020       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Morning Mist            |Combi       |C021       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Oboe & Orchestra Split  |Combi       |C022       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Voices/EthnicFlute Split|Combi       |C023       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|The Spirit Lives        |Combi       |C024       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|..and she started crying|Combi       |C025       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|LFO Pad & Alto Sax      |Combi       |C026       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Electric Piano & Sax    |Combi       |C027       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Guitar Stories          |Combi       |C028       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Heavy Metal Split       |Combi       |C029       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Rock Guitar Solo Split  |Combi       |C030       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Beatbox                 |Combi       |C031       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|CyberJazz Cafe          |Combi       |C032       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|A Jazzy Night           |Combi       |C033       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Late Night Jam          |Combi       |C034       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|The Winds of Venice     |Combi       |C035       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Old West Theme          |Combi       |C036       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Pedaling to Nashville   |Combi       |C037       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Heavy Dirigible Blues   |Combi       |C038       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Rock Tool Kit           |Combi       |C039       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Fab Split Baby!         |Combi       |C040       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Alligator Swamp...      |Combi       |C041       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Bluegrass Waltz         |Combi       |C042       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|SoftBrass&Clarinet Split|Combi       |C043       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|Love Theme Split        |Combi       |C044       |LeadSplits      |Natural Lead    |
|A.Bass & Piano SW1      |Combi       |C045       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Jazz Bass Split  SW&Kn2 |Combi       |C046       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Acid Funk Shadow Dance  |Combi       |C047       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Celebration Church SW1  |Combi       |C048       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|The House Club Band     |Combi       |C049       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Dreamin' and a Jahmmin' |Combi       |C050       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|E.Bass & Old EP         |Combi       |C051       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Brazilian Tribal Chill  |Combi       |C052       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Gentle Rosey Split      |Combi       |C053       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Smooth Jazzmitazz       |Combi       |C054       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Trickapalooza           |Combi       |C055       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Cool Street Split       |Combi       |C056       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|She Walks into ...      |Combi       |C057       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Stealth Lovers          |Combi       |C058       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Roller Boogie           |Combi       |C059       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Mod Bass & Elec. Piano  |Combi       |C060       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Jaw Harp Groove JS-Y Mix|Combi       |C061       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|French Hop              |Combi       |C062       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Udu Hop JS-Y Mix        |Combi       |C063       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Follow the Leader       |Combi       |C064       |BassSplits      |Keyboard Type   |
|Cool Mute & A.Bass Split|Combi       |C065       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Tech Out My House SW2   |Combi       |C066       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Anthem Of Summer        |Combi       |C067       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Neon Lovers             |Combi       |C068       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Quiet Storm Split       |Combi       |C069       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Rough Riders            |Combi       |C070       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Pearly Gates Split      |Combi       |C071       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Drum 'n' Bass Split     |Combi       |C072       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Hook Me Up SW1,2 JS-Y   |Combi       |C073       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Taped Orch Hop          |Combi       |C074       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Tricki Flash Wah        |Combi       |C075       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|No Sleep! SW2           |Combi       |C076       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Koochie Groovy          |Combi       |C077       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Groove All Night        |Combi       |C078       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Thrill Dome             |Combi       |C079       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|PCM Pirates             |Combi       |C080       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Never Surrender!        |Combi       |C081       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Gettin' My Groove On    |Combi       |C082       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|BellHop Ballad          |Combi       |C083       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|New Ride Jam            |Combi       |C084       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Rad M50 Breakbeat Jam ! |Combi       |C085       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Dark Revolutions        |Combi       |C086       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|DnB Black Mass          |Combi       |C087       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|You're Too Late         |Combi       |C088       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Hip 3-way Split         |Combi       |C089       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Lucid Dreamin' Rap Star |Combi       |C090       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Guitar Synth Split      |Combi       |C091       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|The Power & the Glory   |Combi       |C092       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|A Space Odyssey         |Combi       |C093       |BassSplits      |Others          |
|Prehistoric Predators   |Combi       |C094       |Complex&SFX     |SFX             |
|Beyond the Cosmos       |Combi       |C095       |Complex&SFX     |SFX             |
|Planetary Explosion     |Combi       |C096       |Complex&SFX     |SFX             |
|Amazon Exploration      |Combi       |C097       |Complex&SFX     |Complex         |
|Multiple Agents         |Combi       |C098       |Complex&SFX     |Complex         |
|Loop Y'Self  SW1        |Combi       |C099       |Complex&SFX     |Complex         |
|Pod Doors are Opening...|Combi       |C100       |Complex&SFX     |Complex         |
|Miracle at Stormy Cove  |Combi       |C101       |Complex&SFX     |Complex         |
|World Of Horror         |Combi       |C102       |Complex&SFX     |Complex         |
|The Lost Continent      |Combi       |C103       |Complex&SFX     |Complex         |
|Super Mega Fragalistix  |Combi       |C104       |Complex&SFX     |Complex         |
|Mutant Patrol           |Combi       |C105       |Complex&SFX     |Complex         |
|Relaxed Tracks          |Combi       |C106       |Complex&SFX     |Complex         |
|Quantize Play           |Combi       |C107       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Tryin' Not to Lose it...|Combi       |C108       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Transmission Wires      |Combi       |C109       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Butterfly Jam           |Combi       |C110       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Such a Rush             |Combi       |C111       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Distort 'n' Grind       |Combi       |C112       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Pure Attitude           |Combi       |C113       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Restless Natives        |Combi       |C114       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Re Mix Party SW1,2      |Combi       |C115       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Whacktronix JS+-Y       |Combi       |C116       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Club Fantasy SW1,2      |Combi       |C117       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|Futuraga                |Combi       |C118       |BPM Sync        |BPM Sync        |
|'Splain It to Me SW2    |Combi       |C119       |Drums/Hits      |Dance           |
|Vocoder Remix Hits      |Combi       |C120       |Drums/Hits      |Dance           |
|R&B Overture            |Combi       |C121       |Drums/Hits      |Dance           |
|Loop 'n' Hits           |Combi       |C122       |Drums/Hits      |Dance           |
|Drumz & Hitz            |Combi       |C123       |Drums/Hits      |Dance           |
|Samba Drum Festival     |Combi       |C124       |Drums/Hits      |Natural         |
|Revenge Rock Kit        |Combi       |C125       |Drums/Hits      |Natural         |
|Jam on da M50!    JS-Y  |Combi       |C126       |Drums/Hits      |Natural         |
|Hitsville M50           |Combi       |C127       |Drums/Hits      |Dance           |


|Studio Standard Kit     |DrumKit     |INT000     |                 |                |
|Funk Kit                |DrumKit     |INT001     |                 |                |
|Jazz/Brush Kit          |DrumKit     |INT002     |                 |                |
|B.Real Rap Kit          |DrumKit     |INT003     |                 |                |
|Acoustic Pop Kit        |DrumKit     |INT004     |                 |                |
|Wild Rock Kit           |DrumKit     |INT005     |                 |                |
|New Processed Kit       |DrumKit     |INT006     |                 |                |
|Electro Rock Kit        |DrumKit     |INT007     |                 |                |
|Insane FX Kit           |DrumKit     |INT008     |                 |                |
|Nu Style Kit            |DrumKit     |INT009     |                 |                |
|Hip Hop Kit             |DrumKit     |INT010     |                 |                |
|Tricki kit              |DrumKit     |INT011     |                 |                |
|Mashed Kit              |DrumKit     |INT012     |                 |                |
|Drum'n'Bass Kit         |DrumKit     |INT013     |                 |                |
|House Kit               |DrumKit     |INT014     |                 |                |
|Trance Kit              |DrumKit     |INT015     |                 |                |
|Hard House Kit          |DrumKit     |INT016     |                 |                |
|Psycho/Chill Kit        |DrumKit     |INT017     |                 |                |
|Down Low Rap Kit        |DrumKit     |INT018     |                 |                |
|Orch./Ethnic Kit        |DrumKit     |INT019     |                 |                |
|Original Perc. Kit      |DrumKit     |INT020     |                 |                |
|Brazilian Perc. Kit     |DrumKit     |INT021     |                 |                |
|Cuban Perc. Kit         |DrumKit     |INT022     |                 |                |
|Conga Variation Kit     |DrumKit     |INT023     |                 |                |
|Misc. Perc. Kit         |DrumKit     |INT024     |                 |                |
|Vinyl Loop Kit          |DrumKit     |INT025     |                 |                |
|DJ/BeatBox Kit          |DrumKit     |INT026     |                 |                |
|Rap/Gospel Kit          |DrumKit     |INT027     |                 |                |
|Industry/Vocal Kit      |DrumKit     |INT028     |                 |                |
|BD/SD Catalog Kit 1     |DrumKit     |INT029     |                 |                |
|BD/SD Catalog Kit 2     |DrumKit     |INT030     |                 |                |
|Cymbal Catalog Kit      |DrumKit     |INT031     |                 |                |


Download M50 Factory Sound Pack for Korg Krome and Krome EX

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Random Pack !

Xavier L. Piano combinations for Korg Krome

Author : Xavier L.

"hop v'la la combi jazz ici avec les piano electrique ( parce que j'utilise des vst pour les pianos acoustique) je te laisse donc le libre arbitre de créer une combi en doublon avec les piano acoustique ."

Thank you Xavier for your pack.

I suppose your Combinations will find its place on kromeheavener's synth !

Enjoy !

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