Greek Essentials pack !

Author : Pasxalis Terzis

I would like to share my PCG file with you !

This are Greek And Oriental Sounds For Krome !

Enjoy !

Uncompress the zip package, copy GREEK_KH.PCG file on an sdcard and load it on your Krome. Enjoy !

Program Patches list (bank F)

F000 *Accordeon*
F001 *Accordeon Servia*
F002 *Accordeon Goulaxizis*
F003 *Accordeon Scandall*
F004 *Accordeon Terzis*
F005 *Flute Sigma Terzis*
F006 *Flogera Terzis*
F007 *Kaval Terzis*
F008 *Zournas Moss*
F009 *Zournas Terzis*
F010 *Pandora Moss 1*
F011 *Pandora Moss 2*
F012 *Pandora Z1*
F013 *Spyros Kottis*
F014 *Klama Terzis*
F015 *Extreme*
F016 *Oboe 2000*
F017 *Roland Sh 2000*
F018 *Terzis Lead*
F019 *Solo Terzis*
F020 *Portamento Terzis*
F021 *Portamento 2 Terzis*
F022 *Lead Amza*
F023 *Sax Servia*
F024 *Brass Dekos*
F025 *Clarino Saleas*
F026 *Clarino Oct*
F027 *Farfisa*
F028 *Stalikas*
F029 *Sazi Terzis*
F030 *Baglamas*
F031 *Kemetzes Terzis*
F032 *Keman Solo*
F033 *Murat Violin*
F034 *Kasiaras Terzis*
F035 *SH-2000 Terzis*
F036 *Yaylilar Kem@an 1*
F037 *Yaylilar Kem@an 2*
F038 *Yaylilar Kem@an 3*
F039 *Stratocaster*
F040 *Spathas*
F041 Rudess Test 1
F042 Rudess Test 2
F043 Rudess Test 3
F044 Rudess Test 4
F045 Rudess Test 5
F046 Rudess Test 6
F047 *El.Sazi*
F049 ERKAN 1
F051 Trombone   Vibrato   EX
F052 ADI
F053 ljika Solo!!!
F054 Live Solo 10 Arb Strings

 Combi Patches list (bank D)

D000 *Analog Pad*
D001 *Arco Strings Bow*
D002 *Gospel Organ*
D003 *Strings*
D004 *An.Pad - Strings*
D005 *Brass U-20*
D006 *Emre Keman*
D007 *Xalkina*
D008 *Flogera*
D009 *Rudess Lead*
D010 *Rudess Lead 2*
D011 *Yaylilar Am*
D012 *Sazi - Flute S*


Wahou ! Really good Greek and oriental sounds...and more....Just check !

This pack has NO samples but just deserves to be listened, really...

I am very fond of this kind of programs...The Korg Krome is a real good synth for world music, I am convinced by people like Pasxalis who is ready to share its patches with Korg Krome users...

Thank you again, YOU rocks !

Enjoy !


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