M3 & M50 Pro Vintage Keys for Korg Krome !


Author : Korg

Dear Kromeheaveners,

Here is our last "Bank F conversion" for your Korg Krome : M3 & M50 Pro Vintage Keys sounds Pack with relocation in Bank F, in order not to impact factory presets !

This is a great 32 programs pack with many controls possible. Check the pdf embedded in the zip package.



Bell Suitcase E.Piano    Program      F000
5-Way Tine E.Piano       Program      F001
Super Suitcase E.Piano   Program      F002
6-Way Classic E.Piano    Program      F003
Pro Suitcase E.Piano     Program      F004
Tube Saturated E.Piano   Program      F005
Old Suitcase E.Piano     Program      F006
Vintage Suitcase E.Piano Program      F007
8-Way Suitcase E.Piano   Program      F008
8-Way Velo Slap E.Piano  Program      F009
Pro Stage E.Piano        Program      F010
Ensemble E.P. Knob 2/SW1 Program      F011
Pro Dyno E.Piano         Program      F012
Classic Dyno E.Piano     Program      F013
4-Way Dyno E.Piano       Program      F014
Super Dyno E.Piano       Program      F015
Funky Dyno E.Piano       Program      F016
7-Way Dyno E.Piano       Program      F017
Dynamic Dyno E.Piano     Program      F018
Processed Dyno E.Piano   Program      F019
Classic Reed E.Piano     Program      F020
Pro Reed E.Piano         Program      F021
Tube Saturated Reed E.P. Program      F022
M3 Clav 1                Program      F023
Xpanded Clav 1+BC        Program      F024
M3 Clav 2                Program      F025
Xpanded Clav 2+AC        Program      F026
M3 Clav 3                Program      F027
Xpanded Clav 3+AD        Program      F028
M3 Clav 4                Program      F029
Xpanded Clav 4+BD        Program      F030
Xpanded DWGS Clav + AD   Program      F031


Click more to get the Download link ;)

Enjoy !


Download M3&M50 Pro Vintage Keys for Korg Krome


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