Rafael's Pianos Collection Sound Pack !

Author : Rafael Pasqualinotto

Dear Kromeheaveners,

Rafael posted a great pianos collection and as usual, the best sound pack are selected to be on kromeheaven website !

It's totally free...so do not hesistate, download them now !

Thanks for sharing Rafael ;)


German Grand Kr Bright   Program      F000       Keyboard         A.Piano
German Grand Kr Dark     Program      F001       Keyboard         A.Piano
German Grand Kr Warm     Program      F002       Keyboard         A.Piano
HD-1 Piano-Damper II     Program      F003       Keyboard         A.Piano
L.Mays German Grand      Program      F004       Keyboard         A.Piano
Giant FM Keys            Program      F005       Keyboard         A.Piano
Giant FM Keys Dark       Program      F006       Keyboard         A.Piano
AcGrand + E.Piano        Program      F007       Keyboard         A.Piano
FM Chorus Piano          Program      F008       Keyboard         A.Piano
Cinematic Piano          Program      F009       Keyboard         A.Piano
Cinematic Piano II       Program      F010       Keyboard         A.Piano
Piano Symphvox           Program      F011       Vocal/Airy       Vocal
Rock MIDI Piano          Program      F012       Keyboard         A.Piano
Melody                   Program      F013       Keyboard         Synth E.Piano
SynPianoxy               Program      F014       Keyboard         Synth E.Piano
Beauty Keys              Program      F015       FastSynth        Short Release
Sparkling Piano          Program      F016       Keyboard         A.Piano
Dynamic Grand Piano      Program      F017       Keyboard         A.Piano
VS Wave Piano            Program      F018       Keyboard         Synth E.Piano
Stereo MIDI Grand w/Pad  Program      F019       Keyboard         A.Piano
O1PIANO                  Program      F020       Keyboard         A.Piano
Daydream Piano           Program      F021       Keyboard         A.Piano
Layered Piano            Program      F022       Keyboard         A.Piano
Dyno E.P + VPM E.P       Program      F023       Keyboard         Real E.Piano
T3 TINES PIANO           Program      F024       Keyboard         Synth E.Piano
Advanced VPM E.P 4       Program      F025       Keyboard         Synth E.Piano
Digi E.Piano 3-Way       Program      F026       Keyboard         Synth E.Piano
DWGS E.Piano             Program      F027       Keyboard         Synth E.Piano
Silky Digi EP            Program      F028       Keyboard         Synth E.Piano
Motif Yama EP's          Program      F029       Keyboard         Synth E.Piano
The Rho.Piano w/tremolo  Program      F030       Keyboard         Real E.Piano
Mild Suitcase E.Piano    Program      F031       Keyboard         Real E.Piano
Suit 73 E.Piano          Program      F032       Keyboard         Real E.Piano
Vinyl E.P.               Program      F033       Keyboard         Real E.Piano
Beautiful Peeps          Program      F034       Keyboard         Real E.Piano
Pro Suitcase E.Piano     Program      F035       Keyboard         Real E.Piano
Tube Saturated E.Piano   Program      F036       Keyboard         Real E.Piano
Pro Reed E.Piano         Program      F037       Keyboard         Real E.Piano

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