Author : Yank -

"Hi Cyph,

I send you 2 brand new sounds for Krome again.

First one - ya Cousteau's Universe - is based on internal pcm memory.
Second one - ya Kingpao  - does need Vietnam sample pack and run tremolo by pressing higher velocity.

These sounds have been programmed from scratch and not just tweaking existing sounds, including controllers and arp / drumtrack connectivity.

They are packed by RAR and does need Krome editor for load.

Kind Regards


Thank you Yank again for your share with the Krome community !


Download Cousteau's Universe & KingPao krome sounds

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Random Pack !

Author : Roger Bernards

"In the F bank I have pretty much a full bank of original sounds, The organs use two rotary simulators in perfect sync to make a deeper effect, in these programs knob 3 adds drawbars, switches 1,2 add/alter the vibrato/chorus, In the combi-D there are a ton of bass/keyboard splits, in these combis knob 1 is the bass volume and knob 2 is the keyboard volume. Also there are a ton of drum track grooves in the user area (all royalty free)

Cool thank you...It is great to see people sharing like you !
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