Author : Ironman3D


I'm Ignazio Arminio and this time i don't wanna to join your contest with another combi. I wanna only share this combi with the community.

This is "old school hollywood" by System Of a Down (you asked for it when you posted my youtube video).

You'll found 3 programs and the combi:

-Soad1 goes on track 1
-Soad2 goes on track 2
-Soad3 goes on track 6

Thank you Ironman3D, this is really cool to share your personnal sound...Vote for him in the Famous Song Contest !!!!

Enjoy !

Download System of a Down - Old school Hollywood Combi and programs


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Random Pack !

Neil D. Combi Pack for Krome !

Author : Neil D.
My name is Neil D.
I have saved a PCG file i made using PCG tools . Hopefully i have done this correctly .... i deleted all the other programs in the ‘F’ bank apart from the ones i had created and have used within the combis. Then i deleted all the other combis in ‘D’ banks apart from the ones i wish to share and then saved as a new PCG file .
Jump , 99 red balloons and journey are pretty straightforward regards how the combi is set up to play .... however Living on a prayer and uptown funk are a bit more convoluted. I don’t know the best way to explain how i’ve set it up ...unless i maybe make a video  ?
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