FM Piano by Aldair J.S.

Autor : Aldair J.S.

Dear All,

This edition has an amazing sound, the piano was created from scratch in krome placed two effects on Masyer FX and 3 in Total FX, has speed cushion 'closed cover' as a living room, and has an acoustic sound with strong beats .

Enjoy !

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Random Pack !

Author : LeonGTR

"This is only the program bank "F" with some of my favorite Acoustic Pianos;

"Jazz In The Club", a grand piano that seems to be placed on the stage of a jazz club, a little reverb with wooden texture and small space.
"Jazz In The Studio", This is the same grand piano taken in to a recording studio, almost dry and sounds very nearly.
"Steinway & Sons Concert", A german grand taken to a large concert hall, with a little dark and smooth sound
"German Grand Bright" and "German Grand Dark" these pianos are a little variation from their original presets, just looking for my personal taste for a grand piano.

Hope you enjoy it!"

Great Job Leon ! Fantastic !

Kromeheaven is really proud to share your pack with all the Krome users! Keep on doing things like that !

I think that this pack will be on the top 3 of our download !!!


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