Author : Cyph

Tin Tran made a great Korg Krome demonstration with more than 40 minutes of pure Krome Factory sounds !

At kromeheaven, we like this kind of video :

Enjoy !

The sound lists he played:
Krome Grand Piano
E.Piano Mark I R&B
E.Piano Dyno Chorus
Clav Register AD
German Grand Reverb
Master Perc Rock Organ
Tinkle Bells
Stereo Strings Legato
Analog Strings Stereo
Analog Strings Stereo
Arco Stereo Strings
Intimate Strings
Few Bow Stereo Strings
Aaa Stereo Voices
Thin Stereo Brass
Stereo Open Brass
Trumpets Velo
Trumpone 4 Way
Fulte Vibrato
Vibrato Saxes
E.Guitar + Twin
Semi Distortion Guitar
Vintage Tremolo Guitar
Cool Audio Wah
Whack A Wah
Boutique lead guitar
Screaming tube guitar
JS Killer Guitar
Guitar Power Chrods & FX
Jazz Guitar
Harp Nails
MG Full Bass
Bright Acoustic Bass
Mono Dyna Slap bass
String pad
Rapper D'light
Jazz Dry/Ambience Drum Kit

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