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PCG Tools is a free PC software application for Korg Music workstations/synthesizers.

The application allows you to handle PCG files : PCG files contain programs, combis and set list slots, global information and more.

Of course, it is compatible with your Krome synthesizer !

The software is available for free on the following webpage :


Features :

  • Load PCG files from lots of different or equal workstation models at the same time.
  • Easily navigate through all programs, combis, set list slots, wave sequences and drum kits.
  • Move patches (programs, combis and set list slots) to other PCG files from the same workstation model without breaking references to programs/combis.
  • Move patches around within a PCG file without breaking references.
  • Edit names of patches by typing them on a computer keyboard.
  • Sort patches (without breaking references) by name, category or title/artist.
  • Create patch lists in text, table, spreadsheet (CSV) or HTML/XML format.
  • Create a patch list for Cubase.
  • Find differences between patches within a PCG file.
  • Find out easily which programs are used in which combis or set list slots.
  • See in a glance the contents of a PCG file.
  • Easily put empty patches at the end of a bank, moving all filled patches up, and don't break references to those patches.
  • For Kronos/Kronos X, type in set list slot descriptions WITH the possibility for returns (new lines).
  • Move timbres within combis up or down.
  • Check some basic content of PCG files.
  • And lots more.

Manual :



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Random Pack !

JS Kawa Tutorials Sound Pack !

Author : JS Kawa

Enjoy this real piece of work !

During the last months, Js Kawa posted many videos on youtube to help you to edit your own sound on the Korg Krome.

Today, our teacher from Japan shares 20 sounds, all edited from the default "Init Programs", by him.

You can edit the same sounds from zero just by following the video tutorials, but as people asked us again to share the produced sounds : Here is the PCG file from JS Kawa directly !

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