Kromeheaven EDM Sound Contest !

Author : Cyph

Dear Kromeheaveners !

it's time to get down to business!

With the imminent release of the Krome EX, we want to prove that the Krome is still alive and that it also makes fantastic sounds for your E.D.M type music. (Electronic & Dance)

How about a contest?

The goal is simple, you program the best electronic sound / dance that you can (it can be a combination or a simple program),optionally you record yourself (video mp4, youtube, etc or mp3 / wav ...) using your sound and you send it to us

You will automatically enter the contest to win a fabulous prize.

We are again sponsored by our friend Dan Stesco so I let you imagine what prices will be for the first 3!


  1. No deadline
  2. Competition will be closed as soon as we reach 10 participants
  3. The sounds must be from you ...
  4. You send your complete entries via PCG file and your video or mp3 recording to
  5. The vote will be on our facebook group exclusively : Krome and Krome EX Share
  6. No cheating or you will be excluded
  7. Your combination / program sound will be part of the best of combi pack you can found on kromeheaven !!!

Let's start the contest !

Enjoy !

Stay connected !


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Random Pack !

Best of Famous Song Combi Pack V7 !

Author : You ! (see below)

We are back ! Here is our famous Compilation : Best of Famous Song Combi Pack V7 !!!

Now : 78 combinations, and many various style : Rock, Progressive, Soul, Dance, Classic, etc !!!

This is your work, and I decided to continue the pack with it : The Best of Combi to play your favorite song...

Nb : You must also load the F Bank (few programs are needeed) and ARP pattern (user), drum pattern, everything !

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