Krome EX - Old Town Road Combination !

Author Cyph

Dear Krome EX owner, here a brand new combination for your Krome EX, to play the international hit "Old Town Road" from Lil Nas X.

Just one combination, Bass, Banjo and R&N / Rap rythm...

Show us how you play it on youtube :)

Enjoy !


The link can be accessed in the sound section ;)

Download Old Town Road Combination for Krome EX


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Random Pack !

Latin Essentials Vol 2 for Krome EX (Cumbia, Sureno, etc)


Author : Cyph

Let's go Fiesta !

Enjoy our lastest pack dedicated to latin music : Latin Essentials Vol 2 ! Cumbia, Sureno, and all typical latin music are closed to your fingers !

You will find Piano, Brass, trombon, trumpet, sax, accordions, flutes, synth...all edited by real groups ;)

The good news is that there is no sample in this pack !

An exclusivity from Kromeheaven website, for Krome EX.

If you want to convert the pack for Legacy Korg Krome, you can use the tool I have developed

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