Meditation Pads & Samples Pack for Korg Krome and Krome EX

Author : Cyph

Dear Kromeheaveners,

What about wonderfull pads for your meditation songs ?

In this pack, you will find 30 patches based on (converted) Samples from famous synth : WS, Z1, K5000 and more...

The pack has been done for both Korg Krome and Krome EX (maybe the last time...then I will keep on making sounds for the Krome EX only, and you will have to use our specific converter / PCG patcher !)


WS Fat Synth             Program      F000       17               0
WS Vectors               Program      F001       12               0
WS Northen Ligths        Program      F002       12               0
WS Harmonic Pads         Program      F003       12               0
Z1 Synth Harp            Program      F004       17               0
Z1 Synth Guitar          Program      F005       16               0
WaveTerm Ringing Pads    Program      F006       16               0
MicroMod Strings         Program      F007       16               0
K5000 Motions            Program      F008       17               0
K5000 Frauline           Program      F009       17               0
K5000 Additive Pads      Program      F010       16               0
K5000 Tritium            Program      F011       17               0
K5000 Dawn               Program      F012       17               0
K5000 FFT Synth          Program      F013       17               0
K5000 Phobos             Program      F014       16               0
Trinity Pot Covers       Program      F015       16               0
DVP-1 Choir              Program      F016       16               0
707 Noise Bell           Program      F017       16               0
N1R Alignment            Program      F018       16               0
Emuator II Choir         Program      F019       17               1
Drifting Vocals          Program      F020       12               0
Z1 Goodbye               Program      F021       12               0
Sleepless                Program      F022       12               0
Relaxation               Program      F023       12               0
Breath Pads              Program      F024       12               0
Emulator SynthVox        Program      F025       12               0
K5000 Sphaera            Program      F026       17               0
Wavestation Guitar       Program      F027       17               0
S-50 Ovation Guitar      Program      F028       12               0
Syntex Laser Harp        Program      F029       12               0


Not Available


Go to our facebook group and ask for a beta-test by telling us the 3 following points

1) who you are : example : John Doe

2) why you want it : example : I want it because I often play cool and slow music

3) saying "thank you" : example : Many Thanks !

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Random Pack !

Neil D. Combi Pack for Krome !

Author : Neil D.
My name is Neil D.
I have saved a PCG file i made using PCG tools . Hopefully i have done this correctly .... i deleted all the other programs in the ‘F’ bank apart from the ones i had created and have used within the combis. Then i deleted all the other combis in ‘D’ banks apart from the ones i wish to share and then saved as a new PCG file .
Jump , 99 red balloons and journey are pretty straightforward regards how the combi is set up to play .... however Living on a prayer and uptown funk are a bit more convoluted. I don’t know the best way to explain how i’ve set it up ...unless i maybe make a video  ?
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