Author : Yatrix (SK)

Dear Krome user,

Yatrix (Aldan III developer) has made the following guitar sounds for M50.

Here is a converted bank for your Krome !


20 sounds in the F Bank :

000 : Acu Vox AC30 *SK*

001 : Clean Vox AC30 Gr *SK*

002 : Brit Vox AC30 Gtr *SK*

003 : Brit Black Gtr *SK*

004 : Boutique OD1 Gtr *SK*

005 : Boutique OD2 Gtr *SK*

006 : UK Blues Gtr *SK*

007 : UK Modern Gtr *SK*

008 : UK Modern Strat *SK*

009 : UK Modern Gtr *SK*

010 : US Modern UKT75 Gtr *SK*

011 : US Black Modern Gtr *SK*

012 : US Hight Gain Gtr *SK*

013 : Experimental Gtr *SK*

014 : UK ElectroBLues Gtr *SK*

015 : Creamy Lead Gtr *SK*

016 : UK 80's Lead Gtr *SK*

017 : DoubleCream Lead Gtr *SK*

018 : SteveVAI Gtr *SK*

019 : Hot & Heavy Lead Gtr *SK*

Thank you Yatrix and enjoy !


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Random Pack !


Author : Astropop (Quim G.)


This is the first bank created by "Astropop" (Quim G.) for the Korg M3.

You will find a fantastic work here : Vintage synths, slow synths, Brass, SFX and many others : A real good job made by Astropop.

Demo by our friend Kurzweiler

I've just converted the sounds to the Krome PCG format (Bank F only), changing the categories for matching our synth.
Aldan Libraries III and PCG Tools were used to change categories and generate the patches list.

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