Classic Analog Synth Pack for Korg Krome !

Author : Claudio Etcheverria

Hello my friend

I worked hard in recent months in a new (and I think) Original PCG file to share with all Krome friends.

So I decided to send this file wishing you can upload to the website and collect some opinions .

All programs , 23 in total , were created by me .Some guided tutorials and others created completely from scratch .

Perhaps you recognize some because they are based on the sounds and bands that I like.

All have a separate drum track and the final Combi bank are a couple of very useful creations.

It is my humble contribution to this great community of users Korg Krome.



Krafty choir             Program      F000       Vocal/Airy       Vocal
Dusseldorf little boy    Program      F001       Vocal/Airy       Vocal
Resomatic bass           Program      F002       Bass/Synth Bass  Synth Bass
Clarke bass              Program      F003       Bass/Synth Bass  Synth Bass
La Michelle Solina       Program      F004       MotionSynth      Motion
Metal servant            Program      F005       Bell/Mallet      Mallet
Art of doo               Program      F006       LeadSynth        Soft
Gore velocity FM         Program      F007       Bell/Mallet      Bell
Jarre Chinalead          Program      F008       LeadSynth        Hard
Save it (arp)            Program      F009       User 16          User 0
Evangelos Pad            Program      F010       SlowSynth        Sweep
Tranquil eminent         Program      F011       SlowSynth        Sweep
Eno infinty drop         Program      F012       FastSynth        Short Release
AXL synth                Program      F013       LeadSynth        Hard
Drunk pac man            Program      F014       SFX              Synthetic
Jarre sparky flute       Program      F015       Short Decay/Hit  Short Decay
Andy Bell                Program      F016       Bell/Mallet      Bell
Misunderstood pad        Program      F017       MotionSynth      Rhythmic
Laser mind               Program      F018       LeadSynth        Hard
SH meets TB              Program      F019       User 16          User 0
Depechorus               Program      F020       Vocal/Airy       Vocal
Kitaro fingers           Program      F021       LeadSynth        Soft
I dont have a CS80       Program      F022       MotionSynth      Motion
Ye old detuned$          Program      F023       LeadSynth        Hard
Souvenir of China        Combi        D000       User 16          User 0
Charriots (claudio)      Combi        D001       BassSplits       Others


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Random Pack !

Author : LeonGTR

"This is only the program bank "F" with some of my favorite Acoustic Pianos;

"Jazz In The Club", a grand piano that seems to be placed on the stage of a jazz club, a little reverb with wooden texture and small space.
"Jazz In The Studio", This is the same grand piano taken in to a recording studio, almost dry and sounds very nearly.
"Steinway & Sons Concert", A german grand taken to a large concert hall, with a little dark and smooth sound
"German Grand Bright" and "German Grand Dark" these pianos are a little variation from their original presets, just looking for my personal taste for a grand piano.

Hope you enjoy it!"

Great Job Leon ! Fantastic !

Kromeheaven is really proud to share your pack with all the Krome users! Keep on doing things like that !

I think that this pack will be on the top 3 of our download !!!


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