Korg Kross Samples from Vietnam !

As previously said, I've found some samples for korg Kross

This surprise came from vietnam, from Nhac Viet (Again !)

You can download the samples from this vietnam pack : -> Here-Enjoy <-

Here is a video from Nhac Viet, you can see the samples loaded at the end !


Ok, now the good news : META.IMG V2 is not so far from V1. Many field are quite similar.

I've found differences in the waveform part (longer sample name, addresses, etc)

For the moment, I can't go deeper, since I do not have much time for this. If you know someone at korg with the specification of Krome & Kross META.IMG files, it would definitly be easier for us !!

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Random Pack !

Best of Famous Song Combi Pack V7 !

Author : You ! (see below)

We are back ! Here is our famous Compilation : Best of Famous Song Combi Pack V7 !!!

Now : 78 combinations, and many various style : Rock, Progressive, Soul, Dance, Classic, etc !!!

This is your work, and I decided to continue the pack with it : The Best of Combi to play your favorite song...

Nb : You must also load the F Bank (few programs are needeed) and ARP pattern (user), drum pattern, everything !

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