Author : Cyph

Hello Kromeheaveners !

Here is a cool new video showing new sounds for your krome !

Dan Stesco (Romania) seems to master the sound programmation...this video is a good demonstration of what you can do on your krome.

I don't know if the sound are free or not (I have asked him, but still no answer from him) but there are not in download for the moment !

If I have any news about this, I will let you know !!! (I have asked him to test its package to give you feedback about it...)

Programs demonstration

 Combi demonstration (Update 12/07/2013)

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Random Pack !

 Author : Astropop (Quim G.)


This is the second bank created by "Astropop" (Quim G.) for the Korg M3.

You will find a fantastic work here : Vintage synths, slow synth (JMJ Oxygene), SFX and many others : A real good job made by Astropop.

Demo by our friend Kurzweiler

I've just converted the sounds to the Krome PCG format (Bank F only), changing the categories for matching our synth.
Aldan Libraries III and PCG Tools were used to change categories and generate the patches list.

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