Korg Krome Progressive Leader Collection Demo !!!

Author : David Ciantar

Hi Folks !

We trusted in David Ciantar, and we were right !
What a great demonstration he made !

Just watch this slapping video of the Progressive Leader Collection (sound pack sent to us by Rustem YanmishBash from Korg Ukraine !!!)

Your turn ? Join us and make awesome demo like this !!!

The patches are the following:

F000 Distortion EP
F001 Snarling Pig
F002 Squeeky Riff Lead
F003 Distortion Piano Riff
F004 RudessToT Lead
F005 Rock Leader 1
F006 Rock Leader 2
F007 Hi-Gain Lead
F008 HarmDrive Lead
F009 Expressive Lead
F010 LiquidT Lead
F011 Derek's Lead
F012 Derek's Metal Madness

Note that all the other sounds you hear EXCEPT drums are all Korg Krome factory presets.

You can download the pack here :  


Enjoy !!!

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