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in the following tutorial you will learn how to create Jordan Ruddess lead sounds for Korg synth with EDS synthesis (Korg M3/M50 and for our beloved Krome!)

It is a very long video but it deserves watching !

You will be able to create 4 programs and combination :

5:17 Program 1 - JR Lead Main
9:41 Program 2 - JR Pulse Sub Wave
13:17 Program 3 - JR Saw Sub Wave
15:33 Program 4 - JR Triangle Sub Wave
17:52 JR Lead Combi - Basic Setup
23:16 JR Lead Combi - Heavy Metal distortion (first IFX)
30:12 JR Lead Combi - Chorus (second IFX)
32:31 JR Lead Combi - Heavy Metal feedback (third IFX)
37:21 JR Lead Combi - Delay (MFX 1)
40:28 JR Lead Combi - Reverb (MFX 2)

You just need the Krome Editor to do the same on your PC / Mac...Many menu are quite similar on Krome editor, so just do it !!! and share your results with us !

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Random Pack !

Best of Famous Song Combi Pack V7 !

Author : You ! (see below)

We are back ! Here is our famous Compilation : Best of Famous Song Combi Pack V7 !!!

Now : 78 combinations, and many various style : Rock, Progressive, Soul, Dance, Classic, etc !!!

This is your work, and I decided to continue the pack with it : The Best of Combi to play your favorite song...

Nb : You must also load the F Bank (few programs are needeed) and ARP pattern (user), drum pattern, everything !

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