Author : Simon Cann / Noisescupture

I've found 6 lessons that explain you how to create a sound from scratch !

The following videos are presenting the main principles of synthesis but it many of them can be applied to our Korg Krome.

Just follow this boot camp from Noisesculpture and become a synthesisor wizard !

Enjoy !

Lesson 1 : Modulation

Lesson 2 : Filters

Lesson 3 : Envelopes, ADSR

Lesson 4 : Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO)

Lesson 5 : FM Synthesis

Lesson 6 : FM Synthesis part 2


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Random Pack !

Author : Jonatan Espeche

"Buenos días Cyph,

tengo un Korg Krome (anteriormente un Korg X50) y me gustaría compartir algunas ediciones (ej: trompetas, quenas, violín y un piano eléctrico (Silky EP).

¿Te los envío por este medio?

Saludos desde Argentina"

Well, Jonatan, thank you very much for sharing your patches !

You will find 7 differents sound, in 2 format : PCG file and Krome editor format.

Enjoy !

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