Meditation Pads & Samples Pack for Korg Krome and Krome EX

Author : Cyph

Dear Kromeheaveners,

What about wonderfull pads for your meditation songs ?

In this pack, you will find 30 patches based on (converted) Samples from famous synth : WS, Z1, K5000 and more...

The pack has been done for both Korg Krome and Krome EX (maybe the last time...then I will keep on making sounds for the Krome EX only, and you will have to use our specific converter / PCG patcher !)


WS Fat Synth             Program      F000       17               0
WS Vectors               Program      F001       12               0
WS Northen Ligths        Program      F002       12               0
WS Harmonic Pads         Program      F003       12               0
Z1 Synth Harp            Program      F004       17               0
Z1 Synth Guitar          Program      F005       16               0
WaveTerm Ringing Pads    Program      F006       16               0
MicroMod Strings         Program      F007       16               0
K5000 Motions            Program      F008       17               0
K5000 Frauline           Program      F009       17               0
K5000 Additive Pads      Program      F010       16               0
K5000 Tritium            Program      F011       17               0
K5000 Dawn               Program      F012       17               0
K5000 FFT Synth          Program      F013       17               0
K5000 Phobos             Program      F014       16               0
Trinity Pot Covers       Program      F015       16               0
DVP-1 Choir              Program      F016       16               0
707 Noise Bell           Program      F017       16               0
N1R Alignment            Program      F018       16               0
Emuator II Choir         Program      F019       17               1
Drifting Vocals          Program      F020       12               0
Z1 Goodbye               Program      F021       12               0
Sleepless                Program      F022       12               0
Relaxation               Program      F023       12               0
Breath Pads              Program      F024       12               0
Emulator SynthVox        Program      F025       12               0
K5000 Sphaera            Program      F026       17               0
Wavestation Guitar       Program      F027       17               0
S-50 Ovation Guitar      Program      F028       12               0
Syntex Laser Harp        Program      F029       12               0


Not Available


Go to our facebook group and ask for a beta-test by telling us the 3 following points

1) who you are : example : John Doe

2) why you want it : example : I want it because I often play cool and slow music

3) saying "thank you" : example : Many Thanks !

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Random Pack !

Luiz Oliveira's Prog Sounds Pack !


Author : Luiz O. Master Key

"Hello Cyph,
We are pleased to inform you that my first package combinations this finished. As I promised, I organized my combinations and I'm sending you to be distributed freely. 
The name of this small collection is Prog Sounds, because I had these ideas really listening Jordan Rudess and Rick Wakeman. 
I'll work on more sounds and soon you'll send more!"

Thank you Luiz,

your sounds are really well programmed, you can be proud of what you have done!!!

As you really deserve it, I've made a 3D box for your pack and made a cool presentation to share your sound with all the krome users !

We expect that you will continue like that because you really made a good job...Maybe interested in our next contest ??? :)

Enjoy !


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