All Keys Collection for Korg Krome

Author Alfonso Parker

"Hello Cyph,

Here is another sound library for Kromeheaven.

I’m calling it “All Keys”. It is a collection of pianos, ep’s and clavs that I tweaked.


Thank you Alfonso for your share ! It's now online and free for every krome owner !

Patches list


XP-JV Nice Piano Program F000 Keyboard A.Piano

Lukewarm Grand Program F001 Keyboard A.Piano

Stereo Grand Piano Program F002 Keyboard A.Piano

Metallic Grand Program F003 Keyboard A.Piano

Aggressively Bright Program F004 Keyboard A.Piano

Stereo Concert Piano Program F005 Keyboard A.Piano

Motif POWERGRAND Program F006 Keyboard A.Piano

Keys of Love Program F007 Keyboard A.Piano

UltimateBriteGrand Program F008 Keyboard A.Piano

Stereo Concert Piano 2 Program F009 Keyboard A.Piano

Pan Suitcase, <See SW2> Program F010 Keyboard Real E.Piano

Attack Stage Piano Program F011 Keyboard Real E.Piano

Light Phaser E.Piano Program F012 Keyboard Real E.Piano

Suit 73 E.Piano Program F013 Keyboard Real E.Piano

Real Suit E.Piano Program F014 Keyboard Real E.Piano

E. Grand Hybrid Program F015 Keyboard Real E.Piano

E.Piano Legend 2 Program F016 Keyboard Synth E.Piano

Piano + Pad Program F017 Keyboard A.Piano

Hyper Piano Program F018 Keyboard Real E.Piano

E.Piano Mark I Fonz Program F019 Keyboard Real E.Piano

Beauty Keys Program F020 FastSynth Short Release

Pro Stage E.Piano Program F021 Keyboard Real E.Piano

Play Like a Clav Program F022 Keyboard Clav/Harpsi

Play Like a Clav 2 Program F023 Keyboard Clav/Harpsi

02-SKM E. Piano Program F024 Keyboard Synth E.Piano

KROME Piano Room Program F025 Keyboard A.Piano

Classic Piano Edited Program F026 Keyboard A.Piano


Fo' Da Kool N U Combi D000 BassSplits Keyboard Type

Bass/Piano + Brass Velo. Combi D001 BassSplits Keyboard Type

A Lot Goin' On Combi D002 Keyboard A.Piano

Piano & Stringed Bells Combi D003 Keyboard A.Piano

Really Paddylicious Combi D004 Keyboard Real E.Piano

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Random Pack !

M50 Factory Sounds for Korg Krome and Krome EX !

Author : KORG (c)

Hi Kromeheaveners,

here a new "old" sound pack that will make you happy again with your Korg Krome or Krome EX.

What about making the same sound than a Korg M50 ?

Well, it's pretty simple ! Here is the PCG file that can be directly loaded by your korg Krome. I also try to browse the content with my Krome EX and it's also compatible !

Enjoy your new Sound Pack !!! Freely !!!

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