Jordan Rudess Kronos Lead for Krome !

Author : Muryllo Lopes


Hey Cyph,

Here’s a lead tone I created yesterday.

It’s a try to emulate Jordan Rudess’s lead sound of his Kronos.

I also tried to emulate the feedback tones on the joystick and assigned a Way effect to SW2.

Here’s a video where I’m testing this tone.

The video’s description (that can be used when you post this sound on KH)

After a long day of working hard, here's the result: The JR Kronos Lead.

A lead tone for Korg Krome, inspired on the best know lead by Jordan Rudess and his Korg Kronos.


JS+X: Bend whole step up

JS-X: Bend an octave down

JS+Y: Feedback sound (an octave and a fifth)

JS-Y: Feedback sound (an octave)

SW1: Octave down

SW2: Wah effect ON/OFF

The PCG files contains:


F000: JR Kronos Lead

F001: JR Feedback 1

F002: JR Feedback 2

Combi: D000: JR Kronos Lead Hope

I can help you many other times!

Best regards, Muryllo

Download JR Kronos Lead for krome

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Random Pack !


Author : Astropop (Quim G.)


This is the first bank created by "Astropop" (Quim G.) for the Korg M3.

You will find a fantastic work here : Vintage synths, slow synths, Brass, SFX and many others : A real good job made by Astropop.

Demo by our friend Kurzweiler

I've just converted the sounds to the Krome PCG format (Bank F only), changing the categories for matching our synth.
Aldan Libraries III and PCG Tools were used to change categories and generate the patches list.

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