Korg Kross Samples from Vietnam !

As previously said, I've found some samples for korg Kross

This surprise came from vietnam, from Nhac Viet (Again !)

You can download the samples from this vietnam pack : -> Here-Enjoy <-

Here is a video from Nhac Viet, you can see the samples loaded at the end !


Ok, now the good news : META.IMG V2 is not so far from V1. Many field are quite similar.

I've found differences in the waveform part (longer sample name, addresses, etc)

For the moment, I can't go deeper, since I do not have much time for this. If you know someone at korg with the specification of Krome & Kross META.IMG files, it would definitly be easier for us !!

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Random Pack !

Korg Krome House Essentials Sound Pack !

Author : Korg in collaboration with SampleMagic

It's time to power your korg krome again ! House is here !!!

Korg offers us a new sound pack made in collaboration with SampleMagic.

"Sample Magic is the world’s leading provider of musical components and sound samples to producers across a wide range of genres.

For over ten years they've specialised in the finest cutting-edge audio, plugins, apps and courses, building a reputation for unique, award-winning products. It’s why Computer Music magazine call us “one of the elite sample vendors”, why Beatport said our sounds “rock in ways other developers only dream of” and Keyboard magazine said we offered “the best sounding loop libraries we have ever encountered”. It’s also why we were awarded the Remix Magazine Sample Collection of the Year Award."

Ok that's look fine, what's in the package ?

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