How to repair a broken button on Korg Krome !

Author : Cyph

Dear All,

I was really sad when my korg krome has its "INC" Button broken...but nothing can stop me, you know me ! So here is something positive !

First of all, I must warn you that you should not do this if you are not sure of what you are doing...Ask a pro if necessary...

Each button of the krome is made of 2 parts :

  1. A platic part
  2. An electronic part (board)

As I did not know where was the problem, I decided to buy both parts.

Finally I discovered that it was only the plastic part that was broken (shitty plastic in the keyboards should be banned...We all know, that these buttons will not have a good lifetime.)


To do this, you just need a good screwdriver and 1 hour of your time.

Opening the krome

Unplug the power cord before the operation.

Put your krome on a table with a small cover to protect the screen. Try to put the joystick off the table in order not to lay on it.

Unscrew all the visible screws (place it somewhere drawing the exact position on a paper) and, when done, remove the back of your synth to get something like this :

Locate your faulty button...for me, it was the "INC" button, so I had to remove the button panel board at the right.

Unscrew carefully the 4 screws and pull up the "Button Panel Board" with caution...(The wheel part should be detached during this operation)

Remove the broken button (there is just some glue to hold in place)

 Place your brand new button in the hole.

 You should get something like this.

For me, there was enough glue to hold the new part...but you may need some depending how you remove the broken button.

Put back the panel button board, repluging the wheel part, and placing all the buttons properly.

Put the back of your synth and screw everything carefully. (Use the paper to get the right screw on the right position)

That's all, your krome is back !

Enjoy !




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Random Pack !

Classic Analog Synth Pack for Korg Krome !

Author : Claudio Etcheverria

Hello my friend

I worked hard in recent months in a new (and I think) Original PCG file to share with all Krome friends.

So I decided to send this file wishing you can upload to the website and collect some opinions .

All programs , 23 in total , were created by me .Some guided tutorials and others created completely from scratch .

Perhaps you recognize some because they are based on the sounds and bands that I like.

All have a separate drum track and the final Combi bank are a couple of very useful creations.

It is my humble contribution to this great community of users Korg Krome.


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