Sultan of Swing / Direstraits SNG for Korg Krome

Author : C.Conduché

A great title converted for your Korg Krome, everything is here ! Very pro !

Thank you Mr Conduché !!!

Enjoy !


Download Sultan of Swing SNG for Korg Krome

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Random Pack !

M50 Factory Sounds for Korg Krome and Krome EX !

Author : KORG (c)

Hi Kromeheaveners,

here a new "old" sound pack that will make you happy again with your Korg Krome or Krome EX.

What about making the same sound than a Korg M50 ?

Well, it's pretty simple ! Here is the PCG file that can be directly loaded by your korg Krome. I also try to browse the content with my Krome EX and it's also compatible !

Enjoy your new Sound Pack !!! Freely !!!

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