Dump existing samples pack.

Display Header, multisamples sections.

Preview samples

Extract samples from SAMPLE.IMG file.

Easy create your own samples pack.

2 modes : Drum kit, instrument with loop from beginning feature.

Single KMP to META.IMG/SAMPLE.IMG conversion.

KSC to META.IMG/SAMPLE.IMG conversion.

Java tool software for Mac and PC.

Kromatool is a little tool but you need it !










Kromatool beta 0.3.1

kromatool 0.4.0

  • Add KMP/KSF support (single KMP conversion)
  • Add loop mode in easy creation mode

kromatool 0.5.0

  • Add KSC/KMP support (multiple conversion)

Kromatool 0.6.0

  • Add KSC 3.0 support
  • Many GUI adjustments (Sample GUI)

Kromatool 0.7.0

  • Add Merge function.
  • Play function.
  • Waveform field adjustments.



Java installed on your machine : Download it from java.com

A mail from me with kromatool.zip attached !


Unzip kromatool.zip on your computer.

On PC or MAC:

Simply double click on kromatool.jar !

User manual :

To be written by you !!! HELP ME !!!

Just a word about the easy creation mode : Samples must be located in a directory. They must have the .raw or .RAW extension.

The format must be : RAW, 8 bits signed, no endianism.

Use audacity to export your samples to the correct format.

Compatibilty :

Korg Krome 1.0.3 - 61 Keys - 73 keys - 88 keys


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Random Pack !

Inspiring Piano Collection V1 for Krome EX

Authors : Kromeheaveners


Dear All after a long time without update, I would like to thank you for your patience !

Here is our new little sound pack for the korg krome EX : Inspiring Piano Collection v1 made your patches !

The package contains also a Korg Krome converted PCG (I was not able to test it, since I do not have the korg krome anymore, please make feedback)

Enjoy and stay connected for more sounds !



|Patch Name              |Patch Type  |Patch ID   |Category        |Sub Category    |
|Fireplace Piano *KH*    |Program     |U-F000     |17              |0               |
|Brightest Piano *KH*    |Program     |U-F001     |17              |0               |
|Moonlight Piano *KH*    |Program     |U-F002     |17              |0               |
|ElectricDyna Piano *KH* |Program     |U-F003     |0               |2               |
|Aero Piano *KH*         |Program     |U-F004     |0               |0               |
|Grandissimo Piano *KH*  |Program     |U-F005     |0               |0               |
|Yamaha CP E.Piano *KH*  |Program     |U-F006     |0               |0               |
|Pinky One E.Piano *KH*  |Program     |U-F007     |0               |2               |
|Steinity Way Piano *KH* |Program     |U-F008     |0               |0               |
|Classical Try Piano *KH*|Program     |U-F009     |0               |0               |
|Monolog Piano *KH*      |Program     |U-F010     |0               |0               |
|Harmonia Piano *KH*     |Program     |U-F011     |0               |0               |
|Sustain Piano *KH*      |Program     |U-F012     |0               |0               |
|Attack Piano *KH*       |Program     |U-F013     |0               |0               |

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Find the Inspiring piano Beta test publication and follow how to ask there !

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